Message from Mariel

andrzrej andrychowskiImage by Andrzej Andrychowski ❤

Greetings dear ones

I AM here. I AM Archangel Mariel. I am come to bring you love and frequency of the divine. Know that you are love; pure unconditional love, showering this earth and the universe with the essence of the prophets. Be one with all and as one with yourself, you will open to the gifts and learning of the divine. You will lift in vibration and truly feel the teachings that are ready for you in the now. You are so beautiful and blessed that my heart sings in joy in your presence. I leave you now with the purest love and devotion and shower blessings upon you. Goodbye for now.


Rise Higher Shine Brighter knowing we are in this together ❤

Love is ALL there is

Martha ❤ xx

Message from Zadkiel

0441Beautiful amethyst and photograph courtesy of Mindfulness Through a Lens/Ladygrace33 ❤

Hello dear ones, I am Zadkiel.  I am come to deliver you a message of light. You are so close!  You shine with beauty and truth ❤ I delight in your presence and shower many blessings upon you. The light will shine and burn away the old. So release these facets of yourself and keep rising in light and beauty.  Breathe gently and deeply through it all and accept the changes with love and surrender. Your star will burn brighter than the sun!  You have a special place in creation for you are the children of the light. Remember who you are and keep faith with yourselves ❤

Blessings and love to you ❤


Rise Higher Shine Brighter in the company of Angels ❤

Love, love and LOVE

Martha ❤ xx

Be Passionate

be passionate

People used to tell me that I am too passionate. I care too deeply. I am too open.  I used to wonder why they thought these were bad things, until I realised it was simply their love and concern for me speaking…that and their fear. I refuse to let fear rule.

I am passionate. I get fired up about things. I am intense, full of joy and enormous LOVE. I am also courageous, because that is who I AM and I no longer have any fear ❤  Oh yes, I used to hide my light and my love. I have spent many lifetimes burning at the stake, being hounded and persecuted.  I have had similar obstacles to overcome in this lifetime as well, but overcome I have done  🙂

I AM still standing. I AM here to be passionate, to shake the rafters and the ground beneath our feet.  I AM the love that refuses to be silenced.  I AM the change for which we all are longing.  I AM that I AM and so are YOU ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in the passion of BEing YOU ❤

Love IS ALL there IS

Martha ❤ xx

Look inside

true essence

Your soul is the grain of sand inside you

Each toss each turn each restless prompting

Polishes perfects pierces deep

Until the shell of ego cracks wide

Exposing the tender meat within

To love and heal and burn away

Until the prize is won

The hidden treasure

The pearl awaits


Rise Higher Shine Brighter shining your polished perfection

Love is your treasure

Martha ❤ xx

Love is the Answer

Arka Cool ArtBeautiful image by Arka Cool Art ❤


For the past few days, I have been feeling a bit depleted and so my advice has been to take things easy and rest. But what I have realised is that I have not addressed why I have felt depleted to begin with, mainly because I didn’t know why  🙂   Well, I had a big epiphany yesterday while I was resting.  My sense of feeling depleted stemmed from not truly loving myself.  Bingo!

I came to a major revelation that having a physically present relatonship is not necessary because that relationship lives inside your soul and is with you all the time anyway.  I have always ‘known’ this…but have only accepted it in a cerebral, intellectual way.  I have still felt this longing or what you could call separation anxiety.  Yes, even though I know separation is an illusion….  Yesterday, something clicked and suddenly hey presto!  What was a purely intellectual understanding became absorbed into my heart space and intuition.  And you know what? No more longing! ❤   I feel my connections so strongly, it is as if they are here writing this with me.

Soul love never dies and twin souls are yourself, your own soul.  My longing was really for me to truly love myself. Now having my twin soul here physically means very little because ours is a soul love of enormous magnitude. Physical proximity is irrelevant. I am perfectly whole and complete at long last ❤

It seems strangely trite because of the simplicity of the revelation (my ego likes things to be complicated), but the magnitude of the lesson being accepted at a heart and soul level and not simply intellectually understood is immense ❤

True love for myself was the answer all along…I AM my soulmate, my twin soul, the love of my life.  We are ONE ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in love with YOU

Love is all there is ❤

Martha xx

Hope Springs Eternal


Artwork courtesy of Zack Maio


We are the consummate co-creators in life.  We dream, think of possibilities, sweat and toil, fail over and over and yet we prevail.  I wondered why that was until I realised that nothing dies harder than a dream. Hope springs eternal and as long as there is hope, there is life and creation.  For what is hope, other than the undying kernel of faith that everything will be all right…that all things will pass in turn and greater things await.

Hope is the soul voice within us, the still quiet voice that never gives up, until it has fired us up with the  passion of life. It is the flicker of light in the darkness until it transforms into the roaring flame of heart fire.  It is love, life and the angelic choirs that sing. It is the salvation of life versus entropy, the will to take a breath or a step when we do not perceive the way before us.

Hope is life and life is Love. Long may its fire burn within us to manifest in our highest good, our highest love and our highest purpose without.

Rise Higher Shine Brighte in Hope

Love is all there is ❤️

Martha ❤️ xx

Thank You

robert hafnerBeautiful photography by Robert Hafner


Today is about blessings and gratitude.  I am so grateful for all the beautiful people who have taken the time to enrich my life in some way ❤ For the family and friends who love me, the parents who have cherished me, the loves and passions and lovers who have left their heartprint forever in mine.  We are nothing in this world if we do not connect and realise that we are all connected. Love is the bond of gratitude and I send all my love to you, dear people ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in thanks for the love of all.

Love is truly all there is

Martha ❤ xx

Love Yourself Affirmations

poolak art4Beautiful artwork ny Poolak Art

The following are self-love affirmations for those moments when you doubt or forget how truly beautiful and extraordinary you are ❤ They are written by Dr Joshua David Stone, because why re-write what has already been so beautifully and eloquently expressed.  Enjoy lovely loves!


  • I love and forgive myself totally for all my mistakes, for I now recognize that mistakes are positive, not negative.
  • I now fully recognize that I have worth because God created me, and I do not have to do anything to have it.
  • I now recognize that I am a diamond, not the mud on the diamond.
  • My worth is unchangingly positive because it is a spiritual inheritance. It is not increased by my success nor decreased by my mistakes.
  • I realize now that I have total worth and value as a person whether I learn my lessons in life or not.
  • I now recognize that everything that has ever happened in my life has been positive, because it all contained lessons I needed to learn.
  • I choose to live in the NOW and not hold the past against myself.
  • I hereby choose to approve of myself, so I do not have to go around seeking approval from others.
  • I deserve love because God created me, and my mistakes are not held against me.
  • I realize that everything that happens in life is a teaching, a lesson, a challenge, and an opportunity to grow.
  • I now realize that I am the “I” person, chooser, consciousness, and spiritual being and that this part of me deserves unconditional love at all times.
  • I am the light and not the lamp shade over the light.
  • I deserve love because my true identity is not what I do in life. I am the “chooser” of what I do.
  • I now understand that I am here to learn lessons and grow in life, but if I make mistakes I am still totally lovable and unchangingly worthy.
  • I hereby choose the attitude of being very firm with myself and unconditionally loving.
  • I am the master of my life and I choose to be my own best friend instead of my own worst enemy.
  • I choose to love me as God loves me unconditionally.
  • I now choose truly to understand that I want to be perfect, with the understanding that the mistakes are positive and part and parcel of the growing process.
  • I now realize the level of my true identity being the “I”, the chooser, the person, the spiritual being, the soul. I am a perfect equal with every other person in the world.
  • I now choose to awaken and recognize that it was only the faulty thinking of my ego that has caused me not to love myself.
  • I now choose to undo all the faulty thinking society has programmed into me and replace it with self-love.
  • I choose to recognize that I deserve love and so do other people.
  • I choose to recognize that I am guiltless and sinless, because all mistakes are just lessons and opportunities to grow. Mistakes, in reality, are golden nuggets of wisdom and are positive.
  • I now realize that God does not hold my misuse of free choice against me, so why should I?
  • I love me. I forgive me. I approve of me, and I commit myself from this moment onward to treating myself in a spiritual manner rather than in an egotistical manner. I now fully realize that the way in which I think is the reality in which I live. I have been living in my own self-created hell of faulty thinking. I now choose to and will live in my self created heavenly state of consciousness. It is really that simple.
  • I unconditionally love me because I am a son/daughter of God, and my misuse of free choice or faulty thinking is not held against me.
  • Could what God created not be lovable and worthy?
  • I love me because I am innocent and not guilty.
  • The only thing in this infinite universe that says I do not deserve love is my “ego”. I hereby reject my ego and its false attitude and get back in tune with my true spiritual attitude and self.
  • I now, once and for all, release the ego’s game of “having to do” in order to deserve love and worth. I now fully recognize I have always been lovable and worthy and will always be so.

Dr Joshua David Stone


Rise Higher Shine Brighter in the Love of Self

Love is all I AM

Martha ❤ xx


shamanImage courtesy of Massimo Betti


“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” ― Rumi

Today is about loves and ancestors.  Those who have come before in our lives and whose guidance and love have helped to shape us into the BEings we are today.  I am so grateful for those loves, lives and experiences that have brought me to this perfect moment in the NOW.  As we are all ONE, these ancestors are parts of ourselves, our own wise counsels and voices from beyond the veil.  They need to be heeded and loved, for they are the soul intuition that leads us to our ultimate destiny, purpose, highest good and love. They are the secret stories that form our own myth.

We are the ONES who walked before us. To accept and love them, is to accept and find ultimate love in ourselves.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter at ONE with the ancestors ❤

Love is all there IS

Martha ❤ xx

Silent voices from the past

rise higher shine brighter

statue-venus of ranencourtStatue of the Venus of Ranencourt 23,000 years old


It is amazing moments and discoveries like this, that fill me with joy and a sense of profound connectedness. The fact that 23,000 years ago a tribal sculptor was carving an effigy of the Mother; using art to represent something higher than himself, gives me chills.

This quest, this journey, this calling is what connects us all. The fact that art and beauty remain as a silent voice from the past, giving us an insight into the beliefs and existence of far removed selves. These people believed in a Higher good, had rituals and rites that glorified those beliefs in visceral ways. They celebrated the cycles of life and death and were aware of their mortality.  Yet, equally, they were aware of their place in the loop of time and left messages for their later incarnations.

They left time capsules…

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