Love is the only Truth

Love Song

Love Song (mixed media on canvas with Light Language) Martha McLachlan 2018


Love is the only Truth I ever told

When the masks were on

And I lived in fear

The Love was the real deal

You set me free, dear…

I wish that freedom was not at your cost

For in finding that freedom

Your love was lost

But Love is the only Truth I ever told

And now we are FREE

to Live and Love and be


Rise Higher Shine Brighter ❤

Martha xx

He as me

abundant prosperity

I AM the Chohan Serapis Bey

I AM the warrior Master of the Fourth Ray

My wisdom is of the Ages

the knowledge of the purest flame

burns within with Source white fire

speaks of Love that peels away

all that is not of the spirit

To love, to serve, to ever ascend

the beauty of the Light and Soul

And so it is without an end


Follow your path, beloved Ones

When you are ready…the Master comes ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter

Martha xx


Love in the Moment

flower story10

In this moment all is love,
This precious, fleeting moment
Where enmity pauses
Suffering draws a breath
In the silence between
The stillness hangs
Redolent with clarity
The crystal ring of a rin gong
The musical sweetness of potentiality
In this moment of love


Rise Higher Shine Brighter

Love is the moment ❤

Martha ❤ xx

My Son in Myself

star child

Motherhood is a double-edged sword

A sword upon which egos falls

The selfless body, the selfless act of love

The exquisite sweetness of hello

The tenderness and wonder

The awe and miracle never to be forgotten

Carried in the memory of body and soul

To nurture in fierce, profound love

To be ignorant and without answers but to prevail

To bear the pain of knowing that errors will be bourne witness

by the One we brought forth

To surrender to knowing pain cannot be spared

To feel pride and connection in every small lesson

To have done the best that could be done

For surely you are the best of me


Rise Higher Shine Brighter in the love of children

Martha ❤ xx


jonas lundstrom pink skyPink Sky by Jonas Lundstrom ❤


Deep, profound sweetness

Ultimate vulnerability

Pushing love to the edge

Spilling over in tears

Crystal drops of devotion

Unspeakable awe and wonder


Rise Higher Shine Brighter in tenderness ❤

Love IS all

Martha ❤ xx

Message from Zadkiel

0441Beautiful amethyst and photograph courtesy of Mindfulness Through a Lens/Ladygrace33 ❤

Hello dear ones, I am Zadkiel.  I am come to deliver you a message of light. You are so close!  You shine with beauty and truth ❤ I delight in your presence and shower many blessings upon you. The light will shine and burn away the old. So release these facets of yourself and keep rising in light and beauty.  Breathe gently and deeply through it all and accept the changes with love and surrender. Your star will burn brighter than the sun!  You have a special place in creation for you are the children of the light. Remember who you are and keep faith with yourselves ❤

Blessings and love to you ❤


Rise Higher Shine Brighter in the company of Angels ❤

Love, love and LOVE

Martha ❤ xx

Be Passionate

be passionate

People used to tell me that I am too passionate. I care too deeply. I am too open.  I used to wonder why they thought these were bad things, until I realised it was simply their love and concern for me speaking…that and their fear. I refuse to let fear rule.

I am passionate. I get fired up about things. I am intense, full of joy and enormous LOVE. I am also courageous, because that is who I AM and I no longer have any fear ❤  Oh yes, I used to hide my light and my love. I have spent many lifetimes burning at the stake, being hounded and persecuted.  I have had similar obstacles to overcome in this lifetime as well, but overcome I have done  🙂

I AM still standing. I AM here to be passionate, to shake the rafters and the ground beneath our feet.  I AM the love that refuses to be silenced.  I AM the change for which we all are longing.  I AM that I AM and so are YOU ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in the passion of BEing YOU ❤

Love IS ALL there IS

Martha ❤ xx

Look inside

true essence

Your soul is the grain of sand inside you

Each toss each turn each restless prompting

Polishes perfects pierces deep

Until the shell of ego cracks wide

Exposing the tender meat within

To love and heal and burn away

Until the prize is won

The hidden treasure

The pearl awaits


Rise Higher Shine Brighter shining your polished perfection

Love is your treasure

Martha ❤ xx

Love is the Answer

Arka Cool ArtBeautiful image by Arka Cool Art ❤


For the past few days, I have been feeling a bit depleted and so my advice has been to take things easy and rest. But what I have realised is that I have not addressed why I have felt depleted to begin with, mainly because I didn’t know why  🙂   Well, I had a big epiphany yesterday while I was resting.  My sense of feeling depleted stemmed from not truly loving myself.  Bingo!

I came to a major revelation that having a physically present relatonship is not necessary because that relationship lives inside your soul and is with you all the time anyway.  I have always ‘known’ this…but have only accepted it in a cerebral, intellectual way.  I have still felt this longing or what you could call separation anxiety.  Yes, even though I know separation is an illusion….  Yesterday, something clicked and suddenly hey presto!  What was a purely intellectual understanding became absorbed into my heart space and intuition.  And you know what? No more longing! ❤   I feel my connections so strongly, it is as if they are here writing this with me.

Soul love never dies and twin souls are yourself, your own soul.  My longing was really for me to truly love myself. Now having my twin soul here physically means very little because ours is a soul love of enormous magnitude. Physical proximity is irrelevant. I am perfectly whole and complete at long last ❤

It seems strangely trite because of the simplicity of the revelation (my ego likes things to be complicated), but the magnitude of the lesson being accepted at a heart and soul level and not simply intellectually understood is immense ❤

True love for myself was the answer all along…I AM my soulmate, my twin soul, the love of my life.  We are ONE ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in love with YOU

Love is all there is ❤

Martha xx