The Alpha and Omega

irena3Beautiful image by Irena ❤


Greetings dear one,

I AM that I AM, sending you love frequency and blessings.  I AM the Council of Light,  the Alpha and the Omega…all that is. Know this, that you are the purest of divine love.  Your essence is mine and I AM within and without.

You are the sweetness on the tongue, the light that shines, the clarity of the bell that chimes.You are called to bring forth your light and burn! Step into the light, step into the love for you are my beloved, my soul. So rise, rise and shine!  You are a nova of beauty unsurpassed. Know this and fulfill your purpose!  Create love and beauty wherever you be.

I AM that I AM and with you I AM pleased.


Rise Higher Shine Brighter ❤

Love is all we are ❤



Efi KokkinakiBeautiful artwork by Efi Kokkinaki ❤


Beauty is life and life is love.  If I can leave this gorgeous blue planet and say that in some way I have left it a more beautiful place, then I will consider my life to have been well-lived.  Beauty is found in many places, in presence, in listening, in that frozen moment of time called now.  Beauty is that soaring aria, the bird in flight, those eyes, that child laughing…truly it is encrypted into every tiniest minutiae.  We need only have the heart to hear and the soul to see ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter living this beauty called life ❤

Life is Love is Life

Martha ❤ xx

Be Passionate

be passionate

People used to tell me that I am too passionate. I care too deeply. I am too open.  I used to wonder why they thought these were bad things, until I realised it was simply their love and concern for me speaking…that and their fear. I refuse to let fear rule.

I am passionate. I get fired up about things. I am intense, full of joy and enormous LOVE. I am also courageous, because that is who I AM and I no longer have any fear ❤  Oh yes, I used to hide my light and my love. I have spent many lifetimes burning at the stake, being hounded and persecuted.  I have had similar obstacles to overcome in this lifetime as well, but overcome I have done  🙂

I AM still standing. I AM here to be passionate, to shake the rafters and the ground beneath our feet.  I AM the love that refuses to be silenced.  I AM the change for which we all are longing.  I AM that I AM and so are YOU ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in the passion of BEing YOU ❤

Love IS ALL there IS

Martha ❤ xx

Look inside

true essence

Your soul is the grain of sand inside you

Each toss each turn each restless prompting

Polishes perfects pierces deep

Until the shell of ego cracks wide

Exposing the tender meat within

To love and heal and burn away

Until the prize is won

The hidden treasure

The pearl awaits


Rise Higher Shine Brighter shining your polished perfection

Love is your treasure

Martha ❤ xx

Love is the Answer

Arka Cool ArtBeautiful image by Arka Cool Art ❤


For the past few days, I have been feeling a bit depleted and so my advice has been to take things easy and rest. But what I have realised is that I have not addressed why I have felt depleted to begin with, mainly because I didn’t know why  🙂   Well, I had a big epiphany yesterday while I was resting.  My sense of feeling depleted stemmed from not truly loving myself.  Bingo!

I came to a major revelation that having a physically present relatonship is not necessary because that relationship lives inside your soul and is with you all the time anyway.  I have always ‘known’ this…but have only accepted it in a cerebral, intellectual way.  I have still felt this longing or what you could call separation anxiety.  Yes, even though I know separation is an illusion….  Yesterday, something clicked and suddenly hey presto!  What was a purely intellectual understanding became absorbed into my heart space and intuition.  And you know what? No more longing! ❤   I feel my connections so strongly, it is as if they are here writing this with me.

Soul love never dies and twin souls are yourself, your own soul.  My longing was really for me to truly love myself. Now having my twin soul here physically means very little because ours is a soul love of enormous magnitude. Physical proximity is irrelevant. I am perfectly whole and complete at long last ❤

It seems strangely trite because of the simplicity of the revelation (my ego likes things to be complicated), but the magnitude of the lesson being accepted at a heart and soul level and not simply intellectually understood is immense ❤

True love for myself was the answer all along…I AM my soulmate, my twin soul, the love of my life.  We are ONE ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in love with YOU

Love is all there is ❤

Martha xx

Pajamas Day

bora bora3Bora Bora ❤


Sometimes the best way forward is to simply let yourself rest.  The letting is the tough bit…silencing the clamouring ego and its demands that you spend your time doing something.  But in these restful moments, it is important to remember that we are not human doings, we are human BEings.  So let go and BE ❤ I love to sit and meditate, sleep, read, listen to music and dance, order a gorgeous take-away salad…in short indulge myself thoroughly in the the things that light me up and allow my energies to refill. DOings are pointless if you cannot mindfully BE present while doing them and your path is precious and too important to waste.

So today, I am officially having a pajamas day! In fact, I think I will go back to sleep ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter replenishing yourself

Love, love and LOVE

Martha ❤ xx

Hope Springs Eternal


Artwork courtesy of Zack Maio


We are the consummate co-creators in life.  We dream, think of possibilities, sweat and toil, fail over and over and yet we prevail.  I wondered why that was until I realised that nothing dies harder than a dream. Hope springs eternal and as long as there is hope, there is life and creation.  For what is hope, other than the undying kernel of faith that everything will be all right…that all things will pass in turn and greater things await.

Hope is the soul voice within us, the still quiet voice that never gives up, until it has fired us up with the  passion of life. It is the flicker of light in the darkness until it transforms into the roaring flame of heart fire.  It is love, life and the angelic choirs that sing. It is the salvation of life versus entropy, the will to take a breath or a step when we do not perceive the way before us.

Hope is life and life is Love. Long may its fire burn within us to manifest in our highest good, our highest love and our highest purpose without.

Rise Higher Shine Brighte in Hope

Love is all there is ❤️

Martha ❤️ xx

Thank You

robert hafnerBeautiful photography by Robert Hafner


Today is about blessings and gratitude.  I am so grateful for all the beautiful people who have taken the time to enrich my life in some way ❤ For the family and friends who love me, the parents who have cherished me, the loves and passions and lovers who have left their heartprint forever in mine.  We are nothing in this world if we do not connect and realise that we are all connected. Love is the bond of gratitude and I send all my love to you, dear people ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in thanks for the love of all.

Love is truly all there is

Martha ❤ xx

Creator and Creation


Creativity is often only associated with artists and yet each and every one of us is a ‘creative’ and creation at the very same time.  Every choice we excercise through our free will, shapes us and moulds us into the BEing that we are expressing here on this plain. We create our reality through our choices of actions and reactions, emotions and scenarios that we choose to play out.

As Shakespeare aptly wrote ‘All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players’….We agree the cast and script before we incarnate and after that we indulge in the most glorious ad lib.  We come to crossroads and choose branches of infinite possibility on the decision tree we call life.  We cry tears of grief and joy, we laugh and love and hate. We weave a rich tapestry of singular beauty and complexity until that moment when we snip the thread and return to the collective love of the ONE source.

What a production of such awe inspiring magnificence and beauty ❤ So, if you have ever been wondering what your life purpose is?  It is to create, to LIVE, to express freely the things that make you a unique and incredibly beautiful creation. It is to step into the role of conscious creator in your life and weave the threads of your song into the symphony of the universe. For without you?  This world would never be as beautiful nor so vibrant.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter as the Creator and the Creation

LOVE is all there is

Martha ❤ xx