The Alpha and Omega

irena3Beautiful image by Irena ❤


Greetings dear one,

I AM that I AM, sending you love frequency and blessings.  I AM the Council of Light,  the Alpha and the Omega…all that is. Know this, that you are the purest of divine love.  Your essence is mine and I AM within and without.

You are the sweetness on the tongue, the light that shines, the clarity of the bell that chimes.You are called to bring forth your light and burn! Step into the light, step into the love for you are my beloved, my soul. So rise, rise and shine!  You are a nova of beauty unsurpassed. Know this and fulfill your purpose!  Create love and beauty wherever you be.

I AM that I AM and with you I AM pleased.


Rise Higher Shine Brighter ❤

Love is all we are ❤


Love in the Moment

flower story10

In this moment all is love,
This precious, fleeting moment
Where enmity pauses
Suffering draws a breath
In the silence between
The stillness hangs
Redolent with clarity
The crystal ring of a rin gong
The musical sweetness of potentiality
In this moment of love


Rise Higher Shine Brighter

Love is the moment ❤

Martha ❤ xx

BEing Me

mirror buddha

I was asked yesterday, by one of my dear but on the cusp of awakening friends, if I belonged to some kind of ‘movement’.  She commented that my FB page was full of beauty and expressions of love and wondered if something more was going on than met the eye. Honestly, I felt perplexed in how to answer her….  While I am aware of my own personal transformation, to explain it to someone not yet ready to transform is difficult, if not impossible 😀  I simply replied that I was BEing me ❤

The fact that she has noticed that in so BEing, more of my soulmates and like-hearted people have gravitated to me is simply a lovely side-effect.  She commented that ‘I was a difficult person to get to know’, but I think that that stems more from the 3D delight in the static.  I AM  an evolving, changing, transforming work in progress, so pinning me down to one facet of myself is difficult to do.  I am the onion, with many layers 😀 How well you know me, depends upon how deep you wish to dig. I accept and mirror all at their own level of development, so to no two people will I appear to be the same person.

Ego likes to label…’movement’, ‘cult’, ‘religion’…I AM involved in none of these things. I AM spirit, walking in this human vessel and the only label I will accept is one of ‘humanity’, though even that is limiting and describes the shell and not the soul.

So, in a rambling sort of conclusion (if there can ever be said to be one)…I AM BEing me. I AM that I AM ❤ And the brilliant thing about it, is that so ARE you ❤ Acceptance stems from the knowing that each and every One of us, is precisely where we need to be.  We are exactly at the perfect point in our soul development and frequency. Knowing becomes a question in how well one is able to tune into frequency ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in discovery of your truth ❤

Love is all

Martha ❤ xx

Living It


I was asked today why I have not been posting much lately.  The answer is that I have run out of words.  I started this blog for myself…to express the enormous love I feel. To quell the restlessness of my soul, to pause, reflect and speak my truth.

I have done this ❤

In this process, gone are the urges of my ego to be an expert…or teach others ‘my way’ or truth.  All ways are ONE ❤ My love I pour out into the universe in daily meditation, wrapping this planet and all upon it in golden light and incredible tenderness.  I cannot express in words this love. It is too vast, too deep and too painfully exquisite.

What began as soul searching has evolved…gone higher, like the lark ascending.  Angels and heavenly beings, cosmic journeys and planet songs fill my every moment.  To write of these things smacks too deeply of dementia, but truly I could not be more grounded, present or ‘real’.

My lesson is learned…my love for myself complete ❤

So my sojourns here have been fewer, as the need to write my truth has been supplanted by the need to live my truth ❤

My love for you is immense, for you are me as surely as I AM you.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in your own way of truth and love ❤

Martha xx

Forgiveness and Trust


I read a blurb on FB today that said ‘Forgiveness does not have to mean I trust’.  This instantly rang a bell with me.  If you do not trust, then you have not forgiven…end of.  Forgiveness is an act of love.  If you have lingering fear in the form of mistrust, then you do not love = you do not forgive.  This is a tough one for me, because as a woman I can safely say we rarely forgive.

We forget yes…but forgive no.  That is why countless times men around the world say that women are able to dredge up the slightest misdemeanour in the midst of an argument…some that reach back to the dawn of time.  They were forgotten, but not forgiven.

So what does it mean to truly forgive?  Trust yourself.  If you can truly trust yourself with all your heart and soul, then forgiveness of others has been granted.  This means forgiving yourself and letting go of the toughest act of mistrust of all.  We ‘forgive’ others, but then we mistrust our own judgement and ability to learn from mistakes.  We second guess ourselves and hum and heh and overthink situations and motives.  The catalyst mirror person of the misdemeanour has been forgiven but we beat ourselves up and can’t forgive or forget our shame that we got it ‘wrong’.

In order to say that you have truly forgiven, you can look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say I love you, I forgive you and you did the best you could. I appreciate the learning opportunity and I am working to learn this lesson.  I thank this person for bringing this lesson to my attention, in order that I may grow and ascend as a person.  I trust that I have got this, I trust that I will master this and not meet this lesson again. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn.

And as soon as you can do that? You have truly forgiven, you trust yourself and therefore that trust extends to everyone.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in the love and trust of true forgiveness ❤

Love is all there is

Martha ❤ xx

Sow the Seeds


Great gardens grow with love and attentiveness to the creation of beauty.  The tending, pruning, feeding and cultivating of gardens are all allegorical acts for the maintenance of the soul.  The Garden of Eden was not a coincidental parable for perfection and the collective soul of heaven. Our very souls are our gardens.

We water and feed the blossoms and blooms and weed out influences that are not conducive to our growth.  If we neglect and fail to attend to our inner gardens, they can become barren wastelands crying out in longing and thirst for love. If we deny our garden the love of self, the unconditional acceptance and devotion to our highest good and purpose, we wither and die. For love is the water of the soul, the life-blood of the garden.

Love is the life force that thrives in the darkest soil.  It is the seed that germinates and stretches its roots deep and reaches its tendrils for the sun.  The flowers turn their faces to the light, embrace the unity of their roots and feed the world with their beauty and bounty. This is love ❤

So, sow the seeds of love in your gardens today.  Transform the wasteland crying for water, into the bountiful, green paradise, verdant and vibrant with the force of love and life. Peace and love lies within this garden. It is waiting for you ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter sowing the seeds of love and peace ❤

Love is life is love

Martha ❤ xx

Love is the Answer

Arka Cool ArtBeautiful image by Arka Cool Art ❤


For the past few days, I have been feeling a bit depleted and so my advice has been to take things easy and rest. But what I have realised is that I have not addressed why I have felt depleted to begin with, mainly because I didn’t know why  🙂   Well, I had a big epiphany yesterday while I was resting.  My sense of feeling depleted stemmed from not truly loving myself.  Bingo!

I came to a major revelation that having a physically present relatonship is not necessary because that relationship lives inside your soul and is with you all the time anyway.  I have always ‘known’ this…but have only accepted it in a cerebral, intellectual way.  I have still felt this longing or what you could call separation anxiety.  Yes, even though I know separation is an illusion….  Yesterday, something clicked and suddenly hey presto!  What was a purely intellectual understanding became absorbed into my heart space and intuition.  And you know what? No more longing! ❤   I feel my connections so strongly, it is as if they are here writing this with me.

Soul love never dies and twin souls are yourself, your own soul.  My longing was really for me to truly love myself. Now having my twin soul here physically means very little because ours is a soul love of enormous magnitude. Physical proximity is irrelevant. I am perfectly whole and complete at long last ❤

It seems strangely trite because of the simplicity of the revelation (my ego likes things to be complicated), but the magnitude of the lesson being accepted at a heart and soul level and not simply intellectually understood is immense ❤

True love for myself was the answer all along…I AM my soulmate, my twin soul, the love of my life.  We are ONE ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in love with YOU

Love is all there is ❤

Martha xx


shamanImage courtesy of Massimo Betti


“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” ― Rumi

Today is about loves and ancestors.  Those who have come before in our lives and whose guidance and love have helped to shape us into the BEings we are today.  I am so grateful for those loves, lives and experiences that have brought me to this perfect moment in the NOW.  As we are all ONE, these ancestors are parts of ourselves, our own wise counsels and voices from beyond the veil.  They need to be heeded and loved, for they are the soul intuition that leads us to our ultimate destiny, purpose, highest good and love. They are the secret stories that form our own myth.

We are the ONES who walked before us. To accept and love them, is to accept and find ultimate love in ourselves.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter at ONE with the ancestors ❤

Love is all there IS

Martha ❤ xx

Silent voices from the past

rise higher shine brighter

statue-venus of ranencourtStatue of the Venus of Ranencourt 23,000 years old


It is amazing moments and discoveries like this, that fill me with joy and a sense of profound connectedness. The fact that 23,000 years ago a tribal sculptor was carving an effigy of the Mother; using art to represent something higher than himself, gives me chills.

This quest, this journey, this calling is what connects us all. The fact that art and beauty remain as a silent voice from the past, giving us an insight into the beliefs and existence of far removed selves. These people believed in a Higher good, had rituals and rites that glorified those beliefs in visceral ways. They celebrated the cycles of life and death and were aware of their mortality.  Yet, equally, they were aware of their place in the loop of time and left messages for their later incarnations.

They left time capsules…

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Creator and Creation


Creativity is often only associated with artists and yet each and every one of us is a ‘creative’ and creation at the very same time.  Every choice we excercise through our free will, shapes us and moulds us into the BEing that we are expressing here on this plain. We create our reality through our choices of actions and reactions, emotions and scenarios that we choose to play out.

As Shakespeare aptly wrote ‘All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players’….We agree the cast and script before we incarnate and after that we indulge in the most glorious ad lib.  We come to crossroads and choose branches of infinite possibility on the decision tree we call life.  We cry tears of grief and joy, we laugh and love and hate. We weave a rich tapestry of singular beauty and complexity until that moment when we snip the thread and return to the collective love of the ONE source.

What a production of such awe inspiring magnificence and beauty ❤ So, if you have ever been wondering what your life purpose is?  It is to create, to LIVE, to express freely the things that make you a unique and incredibly beautiful creation. It is to step into the role of conscious creator in your life and weave the threads of your song into the symphony of the universe. For without you?  This world would never be as beautiful nor so vibrant.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter as the Creator and the Creation

LOVE is all there is

Martha ❤ xx