Divine Feminine Day

rise higher shine brighter

reid-532_1496938aThe divinely feminine Alex Reid 🙂

I know, it is International Women’s Day…but I have some thoughts on this and am loathe to stir up the angry, aggressive feministi. So, as delicately as possible, I am going to tiptoe around my thoughts…here goes 😛

I love that there is a day to celebrate the feminine, but I have the same reservations about it as I do Valentine’s Day. If women had true equality, they would not need a specific day dedicated to them. Every day would be Women’s Day or Man’s Day for that matter….

Bon, so I am celebrating Divine Femininity today! To the feminine in all, men, women, children and animals I wish you a day of tenderness, kindness, sweetness and above all LOVE ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter on the Lunar side of your nature 🙂

So much love


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New Dawn, New Day

YangYang (mixed digital media with Light Language) Martha McLachlan 2020

Namaste beautiful people!

I AM taking the moment to appreciate the life giving Yang energy within and without; the energy of impetus, action and life-enhancing warmth.

I AM so grateful ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter

Martha xx