Emotional clarity is your reality



Hold yourself in the awareness of your emotions and realise that by so doing you are in direct contact with who you really are. You manifest what you focus your feelings upon and thereby your attention. So look within and be with your feelings…sift and sort and choose the feelings that make you feel the best! Focus on those feelings and you manifest and create all that is in alignment with those feelings.

Choose joy, appreciation and love! You deserve no less ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in your emotional truth

Martha xx

Morning message



Greetings my dearest One!

I am El Morya of the Brotherhood of Light, come to bless you and guide you in your ascension. You are on the right path, you are honouring your Light and Love and indeed this is the only path there is. You are beloved of the One in harmony with the whole of Creation and your song is one of such beauty. Rejoice in your Love and embrace it with passion for in this way you make your heart’s desires manifest.

I AM well pleased and so it is.


Rise Higher Shine Brighter

Martha xx

Love greeting

Greetings dear One,
I AM come to bring tidings of love, for you are love. You are that you are all that IS. Live in each and every now moment to your highest good, your highest ability and most of all Love ❤
For love is the vibration of your energy, the sum and substance of you. All happenings are manifestations of Love, each at their own level and ability to express. Let love in, be love and love shall surely be yours.
I AM Archangel Haniel and I greet the love in you with the love of the infinite, the divine. Know this for you are all that IS ❤
Good bye for now ❤
Rise Higher Shine Brighter
Love is all there is
Martha xx

The Alpha and Omega

irena3Beautiful image by Irena ❤


Greetings dear one,

I AM that I AM, sending you love frequency and blessings.  I AM the Council of Light,  the Alpha and the Omega…all that is. Know this, that you are the purest of divine love.  Your essence is mine and I AM within and without.

You are the sweetness on the tongue, the light that shines, the clarity of the bell that chimes.You are called to bring forth your light and burn! Step into the light, step into the love for you are my beloved, my soul. So rise, rise and shine!  You are a nova of beauty unsurpassed. Know this and fulfill your purpose!  Create love and beauty wherever you be.

I AM that I AM and with you I AM pleased.


Rise Higher Shine Brighter ❤

Love is all we are ❤


Be Passion

the golden peaks viviane fleuryThe Golden Peaks by Viviane Fleury ❤


Passion comes in recognising synchronicity and rejoicing in it, seizing it with all your heart and soul ❤ It transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary…has a flame that burns brighter then the sun. May you find your passion, your muse, your obsession…make your mark and be remarkable. Life is remembering who you are…that passionate, expression of love.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter than the sun ❤

Martha xx

Message from Sandalphon

abundant prosperity

Indeed dear One I AM here. I am Archangel Sandalphon come to bring you a message of grounding.  Your energy is high at this slendid time of opening and ascension in vibration. It becomes important now to ground your energy and connect with the peace and tranquility of this planet Earth and Gaia.

I AM come to make manifest your destiny, to hone your focus in manifesting your highest purpose and love.  I work closely with Metatron to balance the energies that are pouring into the earth in this Now moment; intense energies of love and awakening which are affecting millions. It is a time of great enlightenment and turmoil. All that you knew will seem to turn upside down.  But out of this comes a new perspective, an emotional sentience that has been dormant on this planet for too long.

Ground this new light and energy into the core of Gaia, grow your roots deeply, reaching downward into the centre of the earth.  The heights to which you may soar will grow ever increasingly as you anchor yourself into the love and energy of your core truth. Your destiny and Gaia’s are one and the same, for all are One.

Indeed in this time of the equinox, balance is paramount to channel ever deeper the awakening light of the newly arisen.  Plant your energy strongly. Focus your intentions and love for yourself and you will manifest a new world. A world such as has never been witnessed upon this Earth previously. A world of love, tenderness, compassion, kindness, balance and respect for all.

You are so dearly loved for you are love itself, I AM Sandalphon and I leave you for the Now with blessings of infinite love and light.


Rise Higher Shine Brighter in the presence of great Ones ❤

Breathe the light, Be the light

Martha ❤ xx

Love letter

Lest we forget ❤

rise higher shine brighter

Hey darling,

It has been a while since I last wrote. So much has been happening, I hardly know what to say. But I do know one thing…in the midst of the happening, the busyness, the hurry and the hustle, I think of you. I think of you in small moments, when waiting for the light to change colour at the intersection. Touching your cheek, your kiss while the cars behind us honked. I think of you when watching a film, the opening credits ringing with your crazy na na na NAAAAA! and our subsequent laughter everytime.

I think of your tenderness and caring and the love that filled me up so high I would choke on tears and will myself to remember this moment, to hold it dear, to not let a single detail escape. And I haven’t let a single detail escape. Like crystal that cuts deep, I…

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Message from Haniel

flower story23

Dearest One, I greet you in love and deepest tenderness.  Indeed, for love is all that there is and all that you are.  Even the darkest acts and moments are nothing less than love expressed at its lowest frequency.  In this way all acts are forgiven, no one is unloved. It simply remains for you to open.

Open the doors to your heart and let love in. Believe in the love that is for you; that IS YOU. You are so loved, for you are love itself.  Have faith that your highest frequency is held within you.  You must simply embrace and resonate in harmony and your highest good, highest love and highest purpose manifests.

Let go of the past, do not hold onto the hurt and identification with anything that is not love. Love is real and all other is illusion, a dream from which to awaken into the beauty and frequency of your truth. The truth that is and always will be love.

I shower blessings upon you for you are a beloved child of Light. Goodbye for now.


Rise Higher Shine Brighter in the Love and Light that you are ❤

Love is all there IS ❤

Martha xx

Message from Mariel

andrzrej andrychowskiImage by Andrzej Andrychowski ❤

Greetings dear ones

I AM here. I AM Archangel Mariel. I am come to bring you love and frequency of the divine. Know that you are love; pure unconditional love, showering this earth and the universe with the essence of the prophets. Be one with all and as one with yourself, you will open to the gifts and learning of the divine. You will lift in vibration and truly feel the teachings that are ready for you in the now. You are so beautiful and blessed that my heart sings in joy in your presence. I leave you now with the purest love and devotion and shower blessings upon you. Goodbye for now.


Rise Higher Shine Brighter knowing we are in this together ❤

Love is ALL there is

Martha ❤ xx