Mintakan Wave

Mintakan WaveMintakan Wave (mixed digital media with Light Language) Martha McLachlan 2020

When I paint I find that all my cares and worries slip away. So often I am taken to other places and spaces, where I relive old timelines or tap into the incredible richness of my own inner landscape. This is one such place and space, that I hold dear. The appearance of the Mintakan riding the wave was serendipitous, but his presence is much loved and I feel he blessed this particular endeavour. I am grateful ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter lovely Ones!

Martha xx

Pajamas Day

bora bora3Bora Bora ❤


Sometimes the best way forward is to simply let yourself rest.  The letting is the tough bit…silencing the clamouring ego and its demands that you spend your time doing something.  But in these restful moments, it is important to remember that we are not human doings, we are human BEings.  So let go and BE ❤ I love to sit and meditate, sleep, read, listen to music and dance, order a gorgeous take-away salad…in short indulge myself thoroughly in the the things that light me up and allow my energies to refill. DOings are pointless if you cannot mindfully BE present while doing them and your path is precious and too important to waste.

So today, I am officially having a pajamas day! In fact, I think I will go back to sleep ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter replenishing yourself

Love, love and LOVE

Martha ❤ xx

Creator and Creation


Creativity is often only associated with artists and yet each and every one of us is a ‘creative’ and creation at the very same time.  Every choice we excercise through our free will, shapes us and moulds us into the BEing that we are expressing here on this plain. We create our reality through our choices of actions and reactions, emotions and scenarios that we choose to play out.

As Shakespeare aptly wrote ‘All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players’….We agree the cast and script before we incarnate and after that we indulge in the most glorious ad lib.  We come to crossroads and choose branches of infinite possibility on the decision tree we call life.  We cry tears of grief and joy, we laugh and love and hate. We weave a rich tapestry of singular beauty and complexity until that moment when we snip the thread and return to the collective love of the ONE source.

What a production of such awe inspiring magnificence and beauty ❤ So, if you have ever been wondering what your life purpose is?  It is to create, to LIVE, to express freely the things that make you a unique and incredibly beautiful creation. It is to step into the role of conscious creator in your life and weave the threads of your song into the symphony of the universe. For without you?  This world would never be as beautiful nor so vibrant.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter as the Creator and the Creation

LOVE is all there is

Martha ❤ xx


For the one who awakened me ❤ Some Soul Mates have a contract with you to awaken you, crack you open and leave you to pick up the pieces. It is important to remember that the cracks and wounds are where the light enters…you are being broken out of your chrysallis state.  Embrace and bless the cracks…expand in love into the wounds for that is what awakening is ❤ Becoming the light inside that you were always meant to be.

Kocham cie kochanie bardzo djienkuje ❤

Soooo much love ❤

Martha xx