Be Now (reprised)

Fragments of Time (mixed digital media with Light Language) Martha McLachlan 2020

Time is a mysterious concept. Einstein was surely correct in his theory of relativity in relation to space, time and movement. Time flies when we are having fun…drags through our boredom and tedium. A year can be but a moment when we view our childhood through the lens of ‘age’ and an eternity when we are actually children.

And yet, so many regard time as fixed and immutable. It is important to remember that time is merely a mortal construct to keep track of the passing of seasons. Yet, in the world of quantum, time is merely The Big Count; the pulse of the living engine of multiversal creation. All time is simultaneous in the quantum existence…an endless refrain of now, now, now! No past, no future, no linear delineations and finite parameters…Infinite.

In realising that time, in mortal terms, is merely a construct, one takes the first step into the world of quantum. It is the leap down the rabbit hole into the ‘real’isation that existence is multidimensional as well as multi-itemporal.

Paradoxically mind-bending as that may seem, it is healthier than being mired in a traumatic linear concept of the past (depression) or existing in constant fear of the future (anxiety). Real-ising that there is only now, now and now brings one into the genuine present; that state of ‘mindfulness’ or mind-full-ness and oneness. Understanding the mutability of time creates endless possibility and freedom, unplugged from punching the clock and timetables.

So, a little something upon which to meditate… to real-ise; there are more than 24 hours in a day, you are infinite and can achieve anything in as much or as little time as you wish. Or better yet, achieve nothing apart from the sense of being and unity that freedom from the constraints of time can give you.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter

Martha ❤

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