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mintaka restored

Artwork: Mintaka Restored (mixed digital media with Light Language) Martha McLachlan 2018

I receive many inquiries about Mintaka, (otherwise known as Artuvia) Third Planet in Orion’s Belt, as more and more people awaken to their incarnations as Starseeds.

Multi-dimensionality is real.  We exist on all plains of time, space and dimension simultaneously.  As we begin to ascend in our vibrational frequency, we become aware or awakened to timelines and existences that are other than this earthly One. Many of those timelines have been spent and are being spent on other planets, or other dimensions of reality etc.  Mintaka is one such.

Those who resonate with Mintaka are Orion Starseeds. For many this was a first physical incarnation, as opposed to a higher frequency less physical incarnation.  Mintaka was the 8th Dimensional Stargate to the Higher Dimensions up to and including the 12th dimension (the highest dimension possible to maintain a physical form, after which we exist as light and sound). As Orion Starseeds, we are the first wave of Aliens to have made contact with Earth as Light Beings. And yes I use the term Aliens, because we are all actually the ‘Aliens’ here on this hurtling starship through space. This is also why the concept of ‘Heaven’ in all religious ideologies lies somewhere in the stars. But I digress…

On one timeline or many, Mintaka, being the 8th Dimensional Stargate to the higher realms, became a pivotal pawn in the Galactic Wars.  This was the 4th Dimensional war between the forces of Light and Dark also depicted in George Lucas’ Star Wars. Yes, Star Wars was real in a way, and Mintaka or Artuvia was Alderan. And we all know what happened to Alderan. The forces of the Dark destroyed Mintaka on this dimension in order to enslave our Lower Frequency Incarnations in the 3rd Dimension. If the 8th Dimensional Stargate was closed, we could not ascend to the Higher Realms beyond. The lower dimensional Stargates all exist here on Earth.

As an aside I should mention that each Stargate aligns with a strand of DNA. We all became enslaved to the Lower Dimensional Matrix of the 3D because our very DNA could no longer fire and activate beyond two strands, when we are actually capable of multi-dimensional existence. This was the great Duality Experiment, where we chose to live in a huge amount of density and lower vibrational slavery. Those existing multidimensionally in this now moment are those who have awakened (DNA strands are activated to 6 strands or more). They have ascended through the Halls of Amenti (Earthly stargates aligned to the first 6 strands of DNA).

So, you would think that that was the end of the story. But Gaia herself (Earth’s 5th dimensional form) is on the Rise. The Age of Aquarius is here and we are all vibrating on Higher frequencies in sync with Gaia.  Higher frequency vibrations activates dormant DNA and opens stargates. So how is Mintaka restored? Because we exist multi-dimensionally and so does Mintaka. Mintaka was equally never destroyed on alternate timelines. She both exists in a physical form and does not, as do we. As you ascend in your vibration, you will find as Mintakan Starseeds, that return to our beloved home is still possible; as is ascension beyond to the Higher Realms of existence. No doors are really closed to us…it is illusion.

Becoming aware of your heritage and timelines as a Mintakan, is you casting off the first chains of slavery to this lower vibrational experiment and existence in the ‘Matrix’. Your reality is yours to create and manifest and freedom is Love.  Love always wins and sets us free. So dream big dreams of Mintakan sunrises over turquoise water and work your Light.  Home is but a twinkle in the sky.


Rise Higher Shine Brighter


Martha xx

17 thoughts on “More on Mintaka

  1. Maria Martinsson priv.

    Wow brought tears to my eyes. Love love love dear sister 🙏🏼❤️

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  2. I think I am Mintakan. I have always wanted to live where I can see the sky meet the sea, I find comfort in sunsets, am eternally optimistic, and trust others explicitly and to a fault as I can’t see why people would lie to me. I know I come from Orion and Sirius. Can you tell me where can I find more information on Mantaka? Thanking you, Helen 🙂

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    • Hi Helen ♥️ I am not the best person to ask for recommendations, as I channel my own information. Look within is always my answer 🙏 My only suggestion is this…follow your feelings; the seat of your intuition. They have lead you here and will lead you further than you can possibly think or imagine ♥️ Much love to you on your quest ♥️

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  3. Petra Schuitmaker-Heijnen

    Dear Martha, Your story here brings tears to my eyes. I am a Mintakan Starseed, I recently discovered. I write the same LightLanguage as displayed in your artwork on this page. This means so much to me, to discover that what I channel is genuine. Funny enough, I developed serious thallasophobia, which is fear of deep dark waters, which made me fearfull of open water in general. Now I see that this was in line with me missing my home, not being able to connect with it. I am now studying to become a modern medicine woman, so my connection with Gaia is increasing as we speak. And, as a child, I was a big fan of Star Wars, wanted to become either a mermaid or an astronaut, so clues were everywhere haha! Thank you for sharing this. Lots of love, Petra Schuitmaker-Heijnen, the Netherlands.

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    • Dearest Petra
      Thank you for reaching out! ♥️ I too share the dread of dark water but that is common for Mintakans; they either adore the water or are phobic. The Ones like us who are phobic were there at the end when the Lights went out . It is an important memory to overcome ♥️ We create our realities, so tapping into those timelines where Mintaka is thriving is most important rather than dwelling upon agendas other than Love and Light ♥️ So I bless and release that phobia and forgive and release those timelines not aligned perfectly to the Light. Bless you in your journey, dearest One! ♥️

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  4. Martha Chavira

    Hi Martha! My name is also Martha!! I recently discovered that I am a Mintakan Starseed! I recently had a soul session with a wonderful Australian light worker/Psychic/Reiki Healer, and what she told me about my souls origin absolutely blew my mind. As a child I had vivid dreams of drowning which terrified me and finally dissipated with age. I have always loved beautiful crystal clear water and especially places that had beautiful turquoise seas. I too have a fear of dark murky water. I have always searched out psychics for readings and was fascinated with the night sky and the stars and planets. I grew up in a deeply religious Catholic family and I always never agreed with any type of traditional religion. It was always an internal struggle with me, because I felt it was a farce. I was always a positive person and loved being at home and decorating my home to suit my comfort. I also loved to uplift friends and was always their cheerleader. But unfortunately I also experienced friendships that took advantage of my “niceness” and were hurt by their cruelty to me. I also was the type of person that fell in love hard and unfortunately also experienced my significant others cheating on me because I believed their fidelity to me. I’ve always felt I didn’t belong anywhere, and I never understood why. Once I had my soul session it answered sooo many of my questions as why I chose the relationships I had and my sense of never feeling home. Also, because of my search into all that is science fiction and metaphysical, my family always thought I was nuts. Lol. But I am now 62 years old and I feel that I’ve finally been awakened to find my spiritual truth and plug into my spirit guides and angels to guide me through the next phase of this awakening. I have no idea what it is, but I know I can’t continue on this path of continuously searching. I want to connect to other Mintakans as friends. People who think like me! I am drawn to those that believe what I believe. I’m glad I found your blog. Love ❤️ and light 💫


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    • Hi Martha! ❤
      Welcome to my blog and welcome to your journey into authenticity and your Truth! I am delighted you found your way here and can tell you that you are not alone. Your experiences make you the Divine Being that you are ❤ To put Love first, to follow your heart and believe the best of everyone…these are your core strengths and comprise your beauty as a true Warrior of the Light! Keep shining, keep loving and keep digging!
      So much Love and many blessings upon you! ❤
      Martha xx

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    • Hi Martha, reading your response brought tears to my eyes. I have shared such a similar experience in my life here on earth and would love to connect with you further. I am looking for a psychic/healer to help me learn more about this and would love to connect with the one you saw if you are open to referring. My email address is

      Any info you send would be much appreciated.
      Sending you light & love,

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      • Dear Michaela,

        The One Is myself. I have never sought any other advice or counsel than that which I have with my own Higher Self. I will never advocate looking to another for your answers, as they are all in you. You need no healing per se, other than to love and forgive…yourself and more easily others. That is my advice to you, such as it is.

        Much love to you on your path ❤️🙏✨



  5. Thank you so much for your shinning your light!
    I to am mintakan.

    Very incredible to take of those shackles and be closer to going “home” oh how I miss the connection.

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  6. Samantha Grave

    Thankyou. I’ve just discovered I’m from actuvia/ mintakan. It’s very exciting to learn more about it all. Blessings sister,


  7. This made my heart sing and also cry. Thank you 💝🧜🏽‍♀️

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