On Being Broken

broken bowl

Today, I dropped a favourite cup and broke it.  This got me to thinking  🙂  In China, when a bowl or cup is broken, they rebuild it by filling the cracks with gold;  transmuting what was broken into a thing of even more beauty.  Glass and pottery similarly undergo a firing process that metapmorphoses the silica or clay into a whole new state. Great beauty is created this way.

Our souls are no different.  We are infinitely blessed to be here in this pressure cooker we call ‘reality’.  The circumstances that bring us our heartbreaks, grief, sadness and wounds are akin to the smelting oven.  This ‘reality’ tests and tries, challenges and breaks us open. But when we pour the golden light of love into our cracks and fissures, we transform ourselves into beings of infinite beauty.  We are somehow greater than we were before, tempered and strong, like steel but with gold shining within.

So, do not regret or fear the heartbreaks and challenges that this ‘reality’ offers.  We are so blessed to be given this life and opportunity to shine with infinite beauty as a result of the very disasters that befall us.  The greater the cracks, the greater the golden light within.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in healing and the light of love

Love you so very much!

Martha ❤ xx



Today is about surrender; that opening up to the horizons within ❤ In that still, calm beauty and centre, I AM so grateful for the journey to this moment…this perfect silent moment of love and gratitude. Love and Light compels me to write, though I need not for we are ONE ❤  May you walk in grace, speak in kindness, burn with Love’s fire and most of all I wish you YOU.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter for Love and Light await.

Love IS ❤

Martha xx

Message from Raphael

dandelion clocks

Greetings Dear One,

I am Archangel Raphael and I greet you with love, healing and greatest blessings. I am with you in this moment of the now to offer you great healing and release.  To lift you in vibration and frequency of love and infinite health. Yes, perfect health and divine frequency of love.

You are stepping in and stepping up into a new you, a new oneness a new beginning of a new life.  Be joyous and breathe deeply;  breathing in the light of love and breathing out all that no longer serves you.  Peace, tranquility and blessings of perfect love and health are yours.  It is time to fly dearest one, in the calm certainty of love and the light that shines so brightly within you.

I leave you with infinite blessings, healing and frequency of Divine Love.

Until we meet again,



Rise Higher Shine Brighter with Angel blessings ❤

Love is all we are

Martha ❤ xx

Forgiveness and Trust


I read a blurb on FB today that said ‘Forgiveness does not have to mean I trust’.  This instantly rang a bell with me.  If you do not trust, then you have not forgiven…end of.  Forgiveness is an act of love.  If you have lingering fear in the form of mistrust, then you do not love = you do not forgive.  This is a tough one for me, because as a woman I can safely say we rarely forgive.

We forget yes…but forgive no.  That is why countless times men around the world say that women are able to dredge up the slightest misdemeanour in the midst of an argument…some that reach back to the dawn of time.  They were forgotten, but not forgiven.

So what does it mean to truly forgive?  Trust yourself.  If you can truly trust yourself with all your heart and soul, then forgiveness of others has been granted.  This means forgiving yourself and letting go of the toughest act of mistrust of all.  We ‘forgive’ others, but then we mistrust our own judgement and ability to learn from mistakes.  We second guess ourselves and hum and heh and overthink situations and motives.  The catalyst mirror person of the misdemeanour has been forgiven but we beat ourselves up and can’t forgive or forget our shame that we got it ‘wrong’.

In order to say that you have truly forgiven, you can look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say I love you, I forgive you and you did the best you could. I appreciate the learning opportunity and I am working to learn this lesson.  I thank this person for bringing this lesson to my attention, in order that I may grow and ascend as a person.  I trust that I have got this, I trust that I will master this and not meet this lesson again. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn.

And as soon as you can do that? You have truly forgiven, you trust yourself and therefore that trust extends to everyone.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in the love and trust of true forgiveness ❤

Love is all there is

Martha ❤ xx


Efi KokkinakiBeautiful artwork by Efi Kokkinaki ❤


Beauty is life and life is love.  If I can leave this gorgeous blue planet and say that in some way I have left it a more beautiful place, then I will consider my life to have been well-lived.  Beauty is found in many places, in presence, in listening, in that frozen moment of time called now.  Beauty is that soaring aria, the bird in flight, those eyes, that child laughing…truly it is encrypted into every tiniest minutiae.  We need only have the heart to hear and the soul to see ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter living this beauty called life ❤

Life is Love is Life

Martha ❤ xx

Sow the Seeds


Great gardens grow with love and attentiveness to the creation of beauty.  The tending, pruning, feeding and cultivating of gardens are all allegorical acts for the maintenance of the soul.  The Garden of Eden was not a coincidental parable for perfection and the collective soul of heaven. Our very souls are our gardens.

We water and feed the blossoms and blooms and weed out influences that are not conducive to our growth.  If we neglect and fail to attend to our inner gardens, they can become barren wastelands crying out in longing and thirst for love. If we deny our garden the love of self, the unconditional acceptance and devotion to our highest good and purpose, we wither and die. For love is the water of the soul, the life-blood of the garden.

Love is the life force that thrives in the darkest soil.  It is the seed that germinates and stretches its roots deep and reaches its tendrils for the sun.  The flowers turn their faces to the light, embrace the unity of their roots and feed the world with their beauty and bounty. This is love ❤

So, sow the seeds of love in your gardens today.  Transform the wasteland crying for water, into the bountiful, green paradise, verdant and vibrant with the force of love and life. Peace and love lies within this garden. It is waiting for you ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter sowing the seeds of love and peace ❤

Love is life is love

Martha ❤ xx

Message from Zadkiel

0441Beautiful amethyst and photograph courtesy of Mindfulness Through a Lens/Ladygrace33 ❤

Hello dear ones, I am Zadkiel.  I am come to deliver you a message of light. You are so close!  You shine with beauty and truth ❤ I delight in your presence and shower many blessings upon you. The light will shine and burn away the old. So release these facets of yourself and keep rising in light and beauty.  Breathe gently and deeply through it all and accept the changes with love and surrender. Your star will burn brighter than the sun!  You have a special place in creation for you are the children of the light. Remember who you are and keep faith with yourselves ❤

Blessings and love to you ❤


Rise Higher Shine Brighter in the company of Angels ❤

Love, love and LOVE

Martha ❤ xx

Get Ready to Receive

poolak art3Image courtesy of Poolak Art


Beautiful things this way come…abundance, beauty, love, everything you could possibly imagine.  Removing the obstacles to receiving is the key.  We are taught from a young age that we are not worthy; that it is better to give than receive. Well. this is not correct! Giving and receiving are the same.  Receiving is the gift of grace and gratitude.  Cultivating these attributes opens the way to infinite love, abundance and riches.

Imagine a world where there was more than enough for everyone! Enough food, enough love and compassion, enough abundance to care for all our needs…these are the gifts we need to be ready to receive.  They are here already, we simply need to love ourselves enough that we can allow the river to flow.  When we do not love ourselves we dam the flow of universal abundance and it cannot manifest in our lives.

So love yourself! When you were born, you were perfect, whole and complete and you have not changed! You are still that beautiful soul perfection.  The bumps and bruises that you have garnered along the way do not change your inate soul being. For you are a being and not really the things you do. They are simply things you have done to learn, good and bad. You are so worthy and deserving of the the most incredibly inifinite good and love. Know this right down to your core and watch the miracles manifest! ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in the gift of infinite grace and gratitude ❤

Love is infinite as are we

Martha ❤ xx

Be Passionate

be passionate

People used to tell me that I am too passionate. I care too deeply. I am too open.  I used to wonder why they thought these were bad things, until I realised it was simply their love and concern for me speaking…that and their fear. I refuse to let fear rule.

I am passionate. I get fired up about things. I am intense, full of joy and enormous LOVE. I am also courageous, because that is who I AM and I no longer have any fear ❤  Oh yes, I used to hide my light and my love. I have spent many lifetimes burning at the stake, being hounded and persecuted.  I have had similar obstacles to overcome in this lifetime as well, but overcome I have done  🙂

I AM still standing. I AM here to be passionate, to shake the rafters and the ground beneath our feet.  I AM the love that refuses to be silenced.  I AM the change for which we all are longing.  I AM that I AM and so are YOU ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in the passion of BEing YOU ❤

Love IS ALL there IS

Martha ❤ xx

Look inside

true essence

Your soul is the grain of sand inside you

Each toss each turn each restless prompting

Polishes perfects pierces deep

Until the shell of ego cracks wide

Exposing the tender meat within

To love and heal and burn away

Until the prize is won

The hidden treasure

The pearl awaits


Rise Higher Shine Brighter shining your polished perfection

Love is your treasure

Martha ❤ xx