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“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” ― Rumi

Today is about loves and ancestors.  Those who have come before in our lives and whose guidance and love have helped to shape us into the BEings we are today.  I am so grateful for those loves, lives and experiences that have brought me to this perfect moment in the NOW.  As we are all ONE, these ancestors are parts of ourselves, our own wise counsels and voices from beyond the veil.  They need to be heeded and loved, for they are the soul intuition that leads us to our ultimate destiny, purpose, highest good and love. They are the secret stories that form our own myth.

We are the ONES who walked before us. To accept and love them, is to accept and find ultimate love in ourselves.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter at ONE with the ancestors ❤

Love is all there IS

Martha ❤ xx

Silent voices from the past

rise higher shine brighter

statue-venus of ranencourtStatue of the Venus of Ranencourt 23,000 years old


It is amazing moments and discoveries like this, that fill me with joy and a sense of profound connectedness. The fact that 23,000 years ago a tribal sculptor was carving an effigy of the Mother; using art to represent something higher than himself, gives me chills.

This quest, this journey, this calling is what connects us all. The fact that art and beauty remain as a silent voice from the past, giving us an insight into the beliefs and existence of far removed selves. These people believed in a Higher good, had rituals and rites that glorified those beliefs in visceral ways. They celebrated the cycles of life and death and were aware of their mortality.  Yet, equally, they were aware of their place in the loop of time and left messages for their later incarnations.

They left time capsules…

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Make Yourself Smile


Today is about doing the things that make you smile and shine your Light. Sweetness and kindness begins with treating ourselves as our lovers. Self-love is essential before we can spread that love, for a well must be full before we can draw water to quench our thirst.

So, with that in mind, I am off to buy myself some gorgeous peonies and roses. I had a beautiful garden at one time and the peonies would be in full bloom now. So, I am indulging my love of that flower and feeling uplifted by the joy their beauty brings me.

Do something loving and kind for yourselves today, my beloved friends. For surely then, the love will overflow to all.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter loving yourself ❤

Martha ❤ xx

For Cecil

cecil bryan hollandFor Cecil by Bryan Holland Arts ❤


My heart hurts me today as I read the stories about the tragic killing of Cecil the Lion. I feel such sorrow for many reasons. Cecil was a beautiful and tame soul and the man that paid money for the privilege of killing him was unaware and unawakened. The price for that awakening was already too steep in that a gorgeous creature was senselessly killed; but it will continue to be steeper for the poor man. His disconnected Goddess within has meant that he is unable to feel love and empathy and express it. He will lose everything unless he finds a way to forgive himself and awaken to his true nature.

In looking for a silver lining, great decisions of life and death are always prearranged before incarnation. Cecil’s death has raised an enormous outcry against trophy hunting and I live in hope that that American dentist will never point a gun at another creature again. His awakening into what it truly means to be a man, one of love, empathy and true strength of character has come at a great cost.

We are ONE. In killing another living thing, we only kill a part of ourselves. This is a tragedy that could have been avoided, but was obviously needed. I live in hope that this terrible deed will awaken more than simply one American dentist. Then Cecil’s sacrifice will not have been in vain ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter

Let LOVE be all there is ❤

Martha ❤ xx

Indigos and Crystals

Anatase 4 slices cz

I was asked today what the difference is between Indigo and Crystal people. They have some similarities and also some differences.

Indigos are the ice breakers, the way showers, and the warriors in the ascension process of the Earth.  Their number here on the planet is larger than that of the Crystal people simply because of their role. They are the ground breakers that initiate the changes and the heralds of truth against the corruption and negativity that have held sway for so long.  They are outspoken, opinionated and highly intelligent and have difficulty bowing to anyone’s authority other than their own. They are rebels with truth and justice as their cause. They have an incredibly important role as the catalysts to the change that must come about to facilitate ascension of us all. They are the Shadow Workers.

The Crystal people, of which I am one, are to date far less numerous, though many more are in the process of being incarnated even as I write. We retain more memory of the Source passing through the Veil of Amnesia, remembering more of our Akashic Record than most. We are the Healers, here to act as Anchors for the Light into the grid.  We secure the Light of Source into Gaia and shine as beacons of love and healing. Crystals are empaths, both highly sensitive and highly loving and will spontaneously hug anyone in distress.  They are the Light Workers.

Both Indigos and Crystals have an incredibly important role in the ascension process that we are undergoing.  Change is upon us and the beloved Indigos and Crystals are integral to shaking up the system and healing the wounds so that we may all realise that Nirvana is here and now. The next wave will be the Rainbow Children ❤

Rise Higher and Shine Brighter beloved Indigos and Crystals

Love is ALL we are

Martha ❤ xx

Creator and Creation


Creativity is often only associated with artists and yet each and every one of us is a ‘creative’ and creation at the very same time.  Every choice we excercise through our free will, shapes us and moulds us into the BEing that we are expressing here on this plain. We create our reality through our choices of actions and reactions, emotions and scenarios that we choose to play out.

As Shakespeare aptly wrote ‘All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players’….We agree the cast and script before we incarnate and after that we indulge in the most glorious ad lib.  We come to crossroads and choose branches of infinite possibility on the decision tree we call life.  We cry tears of grief and joy, we laugh and love and hate. We weave a rich tapestry of singular beauty and complexity until that moment when we snip the thread and return to the collective love of the ONE source.

What a production of such awe inspiring magnificence and beauty ❤ So, if you have ever been wondering what your life purpose is?  It is to create, to LIVE, to express freely the things that make you a unique and incredibly beautiful creation. It is to step into the role of conscious creator in your life and weave the threads of your song into the symphony of the universe. For without you?  This world would never be as beautiful nor so vibrant.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter as the Creator and the Creation

LOVE is all there is

Martha ❤ xx

Incredible Lightness of Being

crystal rainbows

Today is about Light…the light of morning, the light of joy, the light of your souls, the light of love. As I was sitting today the rays of light from Source came streaming through me out into the world to shine for a 20 mile radius and then spread all around the world. My heart chakra opened into the beautiful blush-tinted, 33 petalled rose and broadcast such light and love…it was overwhelmingly beautiful ❤

We are this light. We are this Love. Everything else is illusion; one that we believe so fiercely and at such a low vibration that we have manifested it into a solid 3D form. But my truth to share is that we are 5D Light Beings and our world need not be this one of woe and suffering. We are infinite Light and Love and energy and we can make ourselves and this world into anything we choose.

So do not fear and be the light. Be Light and Love in this world. Be the highest expression of you that you can be and live love and joy ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter as the Incredible Lightness of Being that you are ❤

Light and Love are all there IS

Martha ❤ xx


get away

Today is about healing; healing wounds and warriors. Allowing both dynamics of masculine and feminine to love is the greatest healing we can ever give ourselves. For too long our masculine energy has lived in fear, building a carapace of thick armour around the wounded warrior boys within. Allowing this aspect of ourselves to release fear and be free to feel and express love and empathy. Being honoured for the protection he has offered to our souls is the path to release and bliss.

Equally, for too long, our feminine aspect has been undermined, polarised, supressed and undervalued. It is time for the feminine in us to walk in strength and dignity. Allowing ourselves to respect her and value the empathy, love, intuition and guidance she offers on our soul journeys. Healing the wounds of these warriors within to walk in ONEness with each other and the world.

So today is about the mystical union, the bliss and balance of yin and yang in perfect harmony and accord. Each carrying the heart of the other in tenderness and reverence. No more running in fear from ourselves, dearest wounded warriors ❤ It is time to heal and BE ONE ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in profound healing ❤

Love, love and LOVE ❤

Martha xx

Silence is Golden

seleniteImage courtesy of


I think the greatest gifts in life come in the spaces between the hustle and bustle, the noise and the activity.  Those still quiet moments of connection with your own soul, as you savour the now moment.  Or the silent interchange of love and passion that can be transmitted in a glance.  The perfect moment of connection through eye contact that reduces two people to tears of laughter…these are all the golden moments found in the silent spaces.

So, today I am savouring the silence as I sit and recharge myself with this beautiful image of selenite, the heaven crystal. I feel waves of peace and happiness that flow through me and out of my heart to wrap around the world. This is my gift to myself, my moment to love and honour the ALL in me and so in you ❤

Rise Higher and Shine Brighter in those golden silent moments

Love is ALL there IS

Martha ❤ xx