Dive in!

crystal_blue-1920x1200Image courtesy of crystalblue@tumblr.com


Diving into the gorgeous blues and peaceful tranquility of this image.  I am feeling a bit depleted, so I am taking the time to breathe and realign body and soul ❤ Be gentle and kind to yourselves, because energies have been quite intense. Pay attention to the stressors that trigger lower vibrations and give them a wide berth.  Breathe in love and breathe out all that is not love.  Release stresses and worries and strains…everything is going to be alright! Bask in the tranquil, divine blue that is You!

Rise higher and shine brighter diving into your peace ❤

So much love always

Martha ❤ xx

4 thoughts on “Dive in!

  1. Martha, these words are soothing to the soul. Thank you! : )

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  2. Good stuff.

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