On Darkness

mind pod networkImage by mind pod network


As a soul who has always been of the Light, I have come to realise that the darkness has an integral part to play in the development of the soul. It is the comforting womb of creation from which the spark of light emerges. It is the balance, the challenges and obstacles that we choose to set upon our own paths, so that we may experience the awe and wonder of rediscovering the Light. It is the silence and peace of the place of no fear; perfect calm and equanimity.

As a child I was always frightened…of the dark especially. I realise now, it was not the dark I actually feared, but the shadow nature of my own psyche. Now, I always walk about in the dark in my home, having faced my faults, sins and failings and loved them, accepted them and transmuted them to gold. The darkness is nothing more than enormous opportunity and potential…of lessons learned, germination, and ultimately creation.  It is the seed bed of creativity and the loving arms that enfold us in our darkest nights of the soul.

So embrace the shadow, the darkness of our natures, the comforting peace of the silent stillness of the night. For it is in the darkness and silence that the stars sing and our souls soar.

Rise higher and shine brighter in the love of the darkest shadow soul in you.

Sooooo much love as always

Martha ❤

The Stars Sing

pacman nebulaImage of the Pacman Nebula from Hubble ❤


Scientists have discovered that the universe sings like tapping a teaspoon on crystal goblets.  I know this to be true from time I have spent among the stars; the deep thrumming of the aum that underlies all and the harmonies of the far-flung stars and planets chiming like bells in a clear crystalline resonance.

We are the stars and the universe thrumming with our own vibrational energy and harmonies. We are notes in the song that the universe sings.  We are perfect, whole and complete miracles of energy and light ❤

So rise higher and shine brighter today singing your soul song, secure that your notes are integral to the universal symphony that plays around you ❤

So much love for you comme toujours,

Martha ❤ xx

Love Triumphs

mathshack heartsHearts by Mathshack ❤


Today is a glorious day in celebration of the triumph of love yesterday! Bad things happened in the world but love won the focus and attention of most ❤  We get that which we concentrate upon and the Love revolution is gaining momentum. The freedom to love whomever we choose according to our natures is paramount and now inviolable in the United States. This is a triumph indeed for open-heartedness, open-mindedness and generosity of spirit. YAY!! Truly, love conquers all, for no negativity in any degree can withstand it.  This is the true battle being waged…to look within ourselves and conquer through love, the egoic self who is the keeper of this negativity in all. Yesterday, the unity love-consciousness made a big step forward.   Bravo! ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter in the freedom to love, Rainbow Warriors ❤

Love, love and LOVE

Martha ❤ xx

In Gratitude

gratitudeImage courtesy of Doreen Virtue ❤


Today I am reaping the rewards for the quiet contemplation from yesterday ❤ I am so grateful for the refreshed love and sense of well-being that permeates every part of me!  So many messages of beauty and love on a global scale awaited me for which I am truly thankful.  The triumph of love is already changing the world for the better. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Love really is all ❤  So on a personal note, thank you dearest friends, loves, soulmates, followers and likers for your boundless encouragement and support. Be the love and Light today and everyday, beautiful people ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter changing the world into the paradise it is meant to be.

You are so loved!

Martha ❤ xx

Beauty in the Moment

eva sa 2Image courtesy of EVA SA ❤


Beauty sneaks up on you

Catches you unawares

Hurtles you into the focus

of a perfect and present moment

Awe and wonder

Instant soul communion

with the divine muse


Rise higher and shine brighter capturing each and every moment of beauty ❤

So very much love

Martha ❤ xx


magdi agwaBeautiful painting by Magdi Agwa ❤


It seems that when you undertake to write, a certain tyranny can accompany it. There is a compusion a ‘needing’ to write that can drive you…unless you let it go. So today I am letting go of the drive to utter someting profound or earth altering…I am letting the well refill and relaxing my heart and mind into the flow of all that IS. And suddenly? Peace and joy ❤ A simple happiness pervades my being, angel voices speak and I listen. Today I choose to replenish and bathe in the love and silence. So thank you, thank you, thank you to my guides, inspirations and loves whose works compel me to soldier on, but today I am stopping to smell those roses and BE.

Rise higher and shine brighter in the simple happiness of BEing

There is so much love

Martha ❤ xx

No Fear

Sweet and tender killing the egoSweet and Tender Killing the Ego par Philippe Zanolino ❤


Today is about staying centred and grounded in my truth and Love ❤ There is no room for fear when love prevails. Love conquers all.  So I am releasing all fear and negativity and choosing Love ❤ I am Love, to be Love, to express Love…for as I AM, so are we all.  We are ONE in Love and the more we are able to Love the less fear we all shall feel ❤

So no fear beautiful friends and loves ❤ Be the pure spirit of Love today and everyday!

Rise higher and shine brighter free from fear

So very much love for you

Martha ❤ xx

I am a vessel

jan lewin cadogan ceramicsJan Lewin Cadogan Ceramics ❤


While I was meditating this morning, I visualised myself as an empty vessel through which Love and Light filters out into the world and the universe beyond.This love becomes flavoured with the essence or colours of me and flows out to envelop the world.  I am the prism that refracts the light into the rainbow spectrum. I am the observer that watches the Light show ❤

Love loves through us, it does not come from us. It is the divine ‘gyroscopic’ force that propels our souls to express the highest good and the highest purpose of which we are capable. So I am giving thanks for the Love that fills me to overflowing ❤  I surrender me in joyous acknowledgement that I am no more than the clay through which love chooses to express itself.

Rise higher and shine brighter in surrender to Love

Such love for you!

Martha ❤ xx