So this happened…

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At the beginning of April, I was lucky enough to be able to go on a holiday to see Philippe.  The miracle story of meeting up with him is the topic of another blog called Follow Your Heart 🙂 It is while I was on the journey, both there and back, that I happened to meet some extraordinary women.

I am learning to overcome my introvertedness, with members of my own gender at least, and I try very hard to seize the moment and not let words go unsaid.  In the queue waiting for checkin at the aeroport for my return journey, there was a woman wearing an extraordinarily beautiful necklace of silver and lapus lazuli. I told her I thought it was beautiful and she looked at me strangely for a moment and then smiled and said thank you. It is this…this reaching out and touching others, whether they are known to you or not, that matters. We all wish to connect and be connected…it simply takes overcoming internal conditioning and being brave enough to look foolish.

On the flights both there and back, I also sat with some amazing women, big and small ❤  We talked of life and love and seizing the day. One of these women was immigrating to Canada (my birth country) and we talked of her new life beginning. Another woman was living in the Middle East, like me, but her life was changing and she was moving back home to America.

It struck me then, that everyone is on the brink of momentous change in their lives…the status quo just simply will not do anymore.  When asked what my plans were and where I was going, I answered that I was following my heart to connect with some soul mates. The two other women thought my life was like a movie… 🙂

On the return journey, I sat with a beautiful young woman and her daughters and we talked again of life and love. She was feeling that she wanted her life to change and I encouraged her to make a list of the things she wished to make manifest in her life and the changes she would like to see. We talked of my holiday and she remarked how happiness radiated from me.

I replied that my holiday had been the most lovely holiday of my life and that following your heart can never make you take a wrong turn. We parted at the end of the flight and went to catch our connections, but in the rush to do so, we neglected to exchange details. So today, I logged into my fb and this was waiting for me:

I believe I sat next to you on a plane from Curacao to Amsterdam on 10th of April (yes I’m the one with the two lively girls.. :).
I have thought our discussions a lot afterwards and also shared them with my partner Juhana. The more I have thought our chats the more I want to change our life, and that’s because of you! Juhana encouraged me to find you because I have spoken about you so many times and been very sad that I didn’t ask your contact information or give mine. If you’re interested in keeping in contact with me please feel free to answer here or my e-mail

I am so overwhelmed that the small things that I do have an impact on other people ❤ I am so grateful to be given this opportunity to realise that a difference is being made and not simply being swallowed up into an uncaring ether.

If this is simply an example of one person’s influence, imagine what would be the result if we all followed our hearts! ❤

I take courage today from these beautiful women and hope that you will too!

Follow your hearts dear, dear people ❤

So much love

Martha ❤ xx

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