Breathe and Shine

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We are made of the same carbon molecules that make up the universe, the same iron and minerals that make up our Earth. We are born in and of the stars and are part of a more complex and majestic whole than we can possibly imagine. We are energy and have the capacity to give birth to stars and universes by the very act of raising our vibration or energy signature. So go out in your day today and be the starstuff that you are ❤ Breathe and Shine!

Rise higher and shine brighter

So much love for you!

Martha ❤ xx

Why are we born and come to life…

why are we born vWhy Are We Born by Vinod Shahi ❤


I love this painting and poem by dearest friend Vinod Shahi ❤

Everyone must determine their own answers to this question, but that is the very quest and purpose of life itself.  We are all soul expressions here to experience and learn life and to share and enrich the unity that is our collective soul and collective consciousness.

I like to think of our mundane lives as the spices added to the primordial soup of soul unity. We add the flavour and suffering (oh, how we love the taste of suffering!) the better to be able to come closer to the understanding of bliss ❤ For what could possibly feel better than the cessation of pain? The rising above the pain and devastation surely must be the purest form of bliss ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter dearest souls

So very much love

Martha ❤ xx

It is better to have loved and lost…

I do not understand this quote by Shakespeare.  We never ‘lose’ love and we never ‘lose’ when we love 🙂  We learn lessons and grow, moving ever higher in our evolution, but love is always with us, within us; nurturing and sustaining us. People come and go in our lives, but that is Free Will and choice and soul contracted agreement…not lack of love ❤

So my new quote is:

It is better to have loved and to love all ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter knowing that love never fails you

Sooo much love to you

Martha ❤ xx

You are Love

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You are pure unadulterated LOVE! You always have been and you always will be.  Your own self-image is an illusion, a dream that you can awaken from at any time you choose ❤ Free will is yours to make your choice, but should you choose not to believe? I  believe in you as infinite love, for we are one ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter in the true essence of you

Love, love and LOVE

Martha ❤ xx


For the one who awakened me ❤ Some Soul Mates have a contract with you to awaken you, crack you open and leave you to pick up the pieces. It is important to remember that the cracks and wounds are where the light enters…you are being broken out of your chrysallis state.  Embrace and bless the cracks…expand in love into the wounds for that is what awakening is ❤ Becoming the light inside that you were always meant to be.

Kocham cie kochanie bardzo djienkuje ❤

Soooo much love ❤

Martha xx

Focus on the Heart

C;est une histoire d'AmourC’est une Histoire d’Amour par Philippe Zanolino ❤


Focus on the heart He said

I can do no other

The crimson yolk inside the egg

Infinite riches food for the soul

This is a Love story

in a heartbeat


Rise higher and shine brighter

So very much love for you

Martha ❤ xx

Look within


There are many paths to enLIGHTenment, but ultimately each one leads us back to ourselves.  I have known people in my life who try different diets to lose weight, different religions and philosophies to find answers and who all seem to have the same things in common…dissatisfaction and an inability to be alone with themselves. It is almost as if the frantic pace of life around them has disconnected their hearts from their heads and they are running around blind. For me this type of behaviour denotes very poor self-love and self-esteem and makes me feel so very sad.

So, how to get out of this loop?  The first thing to do is to breathe…consciously take a few moments for yourself and simply breathe!  Connect with the energy of love that you inhale and breathe out all that is not love. This does not take huge acts of faith…it simply takes a few moments.  Once you have calmed the frantic pace of thoughts and avoidance within yourself, then you can begin to do the work of self-love.

The funny thing is, that through the act of taking those moments to breathe for yourself, you are already affirming self-love. However, you can take it further and begin to do the concrete things that make you feel good about yourself, like buying yourself flowers, or that music you have wanted…going to the gym. Catch yourself doing positive things and thank yourself for them. When you give thanks, you are opening the channels to the divine in yourself and in the entire universe.  Look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and say I love you. And through it all…keep breathing!

Self-love begins and ends with you…not anywhere else or in anyone else.  The journey to love begins and ends inside you…even when you have met THE ONE.  They are simply a mirror of the love that you have for yourself.  If you do not have this self-love, then you will not be capable of truly loving another, or being loved in return. And really, all we are here for is to love ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter in love for yourselves

So much love

Martha ❤ xx

My Happy

Turkey Earth PornImage courtesy of Earth Porn


My Mintakan Soul just beams with gratitude and joy when I meditate upon beautiful images of clear, turquoise water.  I was so lucky as to spend a holiday on a beautiful island, not long ago. Views of the ocean there brought spontaneous tears of happiness 😀  I also got to swim in the ocean for the first time!!! Such joy will never be forgotten ❤

So breathe, do the things you love and find peace and happiness in your own presence.

Rise higher and shine brighter, beautiful water babies!

Sooo much LOVE

Martha ❤ xx