Counting the Blessings

Creations in Nature Amweg 154Amweg 154 by Creations in Nature


I am sitting with this beautiful mandala image by Creations in Nature and am counting my blessings.  I have so much for which to feel the profoundest gratitude!  As you begin the downward spiral into your weekend, take a moment and breathe in the cool, calm centredness of thankfulness and shine ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter in appreciation of the wonders in your lives

Soooo much love ❤

Martha xx

Heal your Inner Goddess

IrisImage of Iris, Rainbow Goddess


Now is the time of the emerging Divine Feminine in us all. It has been a long time since Gaia has walked this Earth and with every transition there will be concomittant pain and healing required before the Light can Shine.

For men, that means coming to terms with perhaps repressing your feelings in the name of being masculine and now allowing yourselves the freedom to express your emotions.  For women, it is coming to terms with shame and embracing the creative power in our forms. Regardless of gender, these are difficult trials to overcome indeed ❤

So be extra kind to your Goddess Nature and love her presence inside you as she wakens you and the Earth to kindness, sweetness, compassion and love ❤ As your Goddess heals inside you, the world becomes a more balanced and remarkable place.

Rise higher and shine brighter being true to your Goddess Nature

So very much love for you ❤

Martha xx

Freedom in Love

With Love Man is God

With Love, Man is God par Philippe Zanolino ❤

‘You must love in such a way, that the person you love feels free’ Thich Nhat Hanh


A very wise soul mate of mine once said that Love is not an emotion we feel, it is our nature. I thought about this and have come to believe that this is true.  Love loves through us and is really the core energy vibration of our souls.  So, if love is the very basis of who we are, as Divine expressions of life, freedom becomes the natural outcome.

How so? Well, Love is all there is.  So it seems rather silly to believe that there isn’t enough, or that it must be ‘Fair’.  These thoughts stem from an insecure ego state that does not have enough faith to believe that the universe has got this. The ego becomes impatient and wants someone external to itself to give it an instant gratification hit of ‘companionship’ or added on value. But true Love comes from within ourselves and is the tapping into our inherent Divine nature, not something to be found in someone else. We are Divine expressions of Love.

Indeed, it is only when you have achieved this balance and state of ‘not needing’ anyone in your life, because you recognise the Divine Love and truth of your soul, that invariably someone appears and wants to share your heart space as an equal and opposite whole; never as a ‘better half’ of two incomplete people.

Gone is the need to control or limit the other people in your life in any way.  You are complete and whole on your own, so the other people are quite simply a lovely blessing…not someone to own, or with whom to play emotional blackmail games, or into whom to collapse your ego in a state of co-dependency.  Simply have no expectations and everything becomes a gift freely given 🙂

You are Divine Love and are loved more than your poor ego can ever imagine! All it takes is a leap of faith and the belief that you are worthy and a perfect, miraculous expression of Divine Life. Then all else becomes the icing on the cake 😀

Rise higher and shine brighter in your unconditional love of self and Self ❤

May your soul people come to you and enrich your lives with love freely given 🙂

So much love,

Martha xx

Unity in Diversity

colour tree

Like leaves that are umber, golden, green

Crimson, purple and orange

The human panoply comes in myriad hues

Creating together a breath-taking array

Resounding in the joy of the essence of leaves.

Some choose to take the Path of the trunk

Finding comfort in the solidity and company of the many

Others like to go way out on a limb

Testing the flexibility and resilience of risk

But all stretch their limbs to the Sun

And aspire to reach the cerulean promise of a cloud-studded sky.

Digging deep below the surface

The roots of life spread their fingers

Burrowing in the starstuff of the mineral-rich darkness

Anchoring the Tree of Life in the tender embrace of the Mother Goddess.

For though we are legion, we are One.


Rise higher and shine brighter in the richness of your unity through diversity ❤

Love, Love, Love

Martha xx

Calm Inside

calm insideImage courtesy of


I have jumped through some big hoops today, and have that over-tired but peaceful feeling when a hurdle has been overcome 🙂  I am quite the introvert, so public performances take a heavy toll.  So, I am sitting with this gorgeous image and feeling complete calm inside…with a small golden glow of happiness at the centre.  Facing fears and defeating them makes it easier each time you encounter them.  So, as a treat for yourselves, whether you have slain your dragon today or not, have a lovely bask in the beauty of the Creator’s green Earth ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter in each step to being the true you ❤

So very much love!

Martha xx

Align with Love

Croix de LumiereCroix de Lumiere par Philippe Zanolino ❤


Azure window to my soul

The path beckons, calling me

Ascension to the leap of faith

The toll is steep, the love of self

To shine in radiance on all my sins

wash me clean on the shores of love

like a butterfly pinned to the Cross of Light

to bask in the exquisite pain of sacrifice

in the name of Self-Love


Rise higher and shine brighter in the love of all aspects of yourself ❤

So much love for you all

Martha xx

In the Moment

malena t personImage by Malena T Person


In the moment I perceive the beauty of it all

The fleeting, transient glory of a bloom

The surge of ecstasy at the miracle

Too great to be contained.

In the moment I see the totality of love

In the clear, blue glance of your crystal gaze

The arrows that pierce with tenderness

The mischief that tickles and entrances.

In the moment my heart and soul are connected

to the universal Oneness of it all

the calling, the destiny, the purpose

All in the flash of a moment.


Be in the moment dearest friends and loves! It is the only truth and the only time we really have…BE there and there you will find yourself at the centre of the clear, present beauty of you ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter in the moment

So much love for you all darling people ❤


Get away

gulf of mexicoImage of the Gulf of Mexico


It is the weekend and I am soul loving this gorgeous image!  Taking a huge breath of peace and relaxation…woooo! Life is good 😀  Wherever you are, take a little time to get away and be where your soul wants to be, do what your soul wants to do and shine like your soul wants to shine! ❤

Create your soul space and get away gorgeous people!

So much love for you all ❤


Connect with the Heart of it all

emerald dog swamiImage courtesy of


This beautiful mandala speaks to me on so many levels! The gorgeous green energy opens my heart chakra to a joyful, peaceful state ❤ I love the DOG/GOD crystals that encircle the centre adding a message of divine and unconditional love.

As I have been crystallising a decision to spend the summer as a volunteer, aiding Syrian refugee orphans, I also take heart from the presence of the Swami in the image. Signs that I am on the right track! ❤

Whatever your decisions may be, connect with the heart of it all and follow your intuition. Therein lies the key to dreams come true ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter in the joy of loving heartspace,

So much love for you!

Martha ❤