Let go

earthshine fairyImage courtesy of Earthshinefairy @tumblr.com

‘Who we are and who we become, depends in part, on whom we love. Real, honest, complete love requires letting go.’ ~The General Theory of Love

Trust is the key. Learn to trust yourself, love yourself…then others will come. Letting go of fears of imperfection and accepting what is, what was, will attract what will be, in both yourself and others. Be in the moment and love, because it is love that shapes who you are and who you will be.

Let go and be the highest love you are and all else will fall in place ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter


Martha ❤

Comfort and Healing

eva s.a. blueImage Blue by Eva S.A.

It is a strange feeling to be on the periphery of grief.  It does not touch you personally and yet your empathy and sympathy for the grieving is so acute, it cuts like a physician’s scalpel. Your words seem hollow and not welcome and indeed anything that could be said would seem to be trite. So, today I am sending such heartfelt comfort and healing to my dearest Soul Mate. My thoughts, love and empathy are with you, now and always ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter in the knowledge of One

So very much love

Martha ❤

Happy Birthday Vincent!

two sunflowersTwo Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

It was on this day in 1853, that one of my favourite artists was born.  Rather a tortured soul, which seems to be the price to pay for great genius, his works have only now been discovered to have cracked the scientific conundrum of turbulence. His vision of the night sky in his painting ‘Starry Night’ led scientists to a great discovery and understanding in the study of fluid dynamics. So, he not only created beauty, but he has pushed forward the frontiers of understanding to the further benefit of humankind as a whole.

His sweetness and kindness as a soul rings true for me in his writings and other paintings…truly he was a visionary and genius, whose soul was very advanced for his time. So, I am dedicating some time to appreciate his life, his work and his legacy which lives on.

May we all be souls ahead of our time

Rise higher and shine brighter

Much love ❤



doorway into the divineImage Doorway into the Divine tumblr.com

This weekend I went through a gateway, crossed a threshold, moved a step closer to destiny.

How do I know this happened and what triggered it, I hear you ask? Well, I have been doing a lot of work releasing the past and negative patterns of thought and behaviour for quite a while. Suddenly, there was a soul shift or a click whereby I was filled with profound happiness and delight. I felt like I was on new territory, if shaky ground, so I asked the Angels and Creator to hold me steady in my new place until I could find my feet. I took a deep breath and had a look around me.

Suddenly, the ordinary did not seem so very ordinary. Everything held a marvel or a sweetness that I could taste with all my soul. I am still experiencing the residual effect of this and have had a delightful day filled with laughter and love and my darling work colleagues. (Yes, I work on a Sunday!). I am profoundly thankful for the joyous transformation that has coloured my world.

That being said? I know a bigger gateway awaits me and I have simply stepped into the Waiting Room.  Change is coming…big change for me if the signs are anything to go by.  I surrender and await the change and trust that all will be well in my world ❤ I trust that I am where I need to be in my process and that great things are manifesting in my life as I grow further and prepare to meet the challenges.

Wherever you are in your destiny path, may your way be clear and the threshold a doorway to the Divine.

Rise higher and shine brighter


Martha ❤


Tulips Jeanette Hasler-GobbiTulips by Jeanette Hasler-Gobbi ❤

New shoots arising from their long winter’s sleep

Souls expanding to unfurl their wings

Cracks of light appearing in the toughened shells of ego

Stretching, seeking, digging deep in the loam of creation

Delicate fronds to rise and greet the loving Son

The dance of ecstasy in ever ascending spirals of wonder

To bloom again in the radiance of Love


Rise higher and shine brighter, my lovely flowers!

Love is all

Martha ❤