Feel the Rapture

Be_Alive_by_Jesus_TksImage: Be Alive by Jesus-TKs Deviantart

People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances with our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”  Joseph Campbell

In late 2014, I was finding myself feeling stale, unmotivated and bordering on depression.  I had ‘been there, done that’ and did not feel that life had much left to offer me.  I had the most incredible pain inside because I was not fully expressing myself and the love I felt . I was firmly in my Spiritual Closet. Yes, I had a rich spiritual life, full of miracles and wonders for which I was profoundly thankful, but they had little meaning when I was not allowing myself to share them to the greater good of all. That was when a friend of mine said I had to stop this and gather my courage and start a blog. I was quite frankly terrified…

But it was at that moment that the epiphany came. The fear was killing my soul…quite literally. So here I am! 😀  You would think that something so small as daring to express the incredible LOVE I feel for all would not make much difference, but for me? My whole life has turned upside down!  The incredible pain transmuted into ineffable joy! If you want love, you have to give it, first to yourself and then it spills over onto others.  My people started to come into my life, share beautiful comments with me here and I have been so enriched by the whole experience. Rapture!! *.*

Old loves have returned to touch base in tender and sweet ways…not to rekindle flames, but to acknowledge the connection and that we mattered. And Philippe…well that is an adventure I never thought to have…and good in a way that my old self would have termed ‘scary’, but now I simply trust and enjoy every single second ❤

I am alive in this moment that is crystal clear and rings with the beauty and truth of love ❤ May my own experiences find a grain of truth in you and set you on your journey to rapture.

Rise higher and shine brighter

So much love ❤


Only Love

be only love

Be the Light, be the love this world needs, even when it is not easy…most particularly then.  For it is when we encounter those who feel they are not love, they and the world need us to help and keep showing them. Then, maybe then, this will pass into feeling for all ❤ Gratitude, humility and tenderness are the way.

Rise higher and shine brighter Love Warriors

So much love and caring

Martha ❤



In Celtic Lunar astrology, my sign is the Rowan or Mountain Ash tree.  This did not seem particularly significant to me until I researched it and the synchronicities lined up in a chain reaction that made it hard to ignore 😀 Firstly, the Rowan is the Guardian Tree of the Light and has been used by Celtic cultures for millenia as a protection from evil.  Celts used to nail a sprig of Rowan over the threshold to their dwellings to ward off malign influences.

Secondly, it’s Druidic feast day is Candlemas, 2nd February, on which the Druids extolled and worshipped the Rowan for it’s gift of protection and Light.  This also happens to be my birthday 🙂

Thirdly, it is the tree that is central to the McLachlan Coat of Arms, the Clan whose function was to serve as the Druidic Priestly Caste to the O’Neils. I need not make the connection there 😀

So, today I am meditating on the Rowan and her sap that flows through the veins of my incarnations even unto this day ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter happy tree people!

All my love,

Martha ❤

Fool’s Journey

Comus John Milton

My Jungian archetype is the Fool.  At first glance, this seems a less than auspicious symbol, but the Fool embodies many attributes.  Like his female counterpart of the Three Fates, the Fool is part Seer, part Wise Man and part Jester.  His life and journey is about the search for Truth and invariably he finds it.  However, his fate is to be mocked for his discovery as  a Prophet  is never welcome in their home town.  He delivers the truth in song and parables and usually lives to tell the tale.

In the Tarot, he is the happy wanderer with his ego firmly imprisoned in the pack on his shoulder, while the faithful companion of the Creator, in the form of a dog, capers at his heels.  His trust is legendary as he steps fearlessly off the edge of the cliff, secure in the knowledge that all is well no matter the outcome. His is the dear heart of Love and Trust in the face of great opposition. His truth lights his way and he shines.

Taking time to connect with your archetype can reveal great general revelations about yourself, and help you to understand the choices you make when you are guided by intuition.  If I had a penny every time I simply closed my eyes and leapt….

Rise higher and shine brighter through gnosis

So much love for you my ‘foolish’ dreamers ❤


Be the Love

mathshack heartsTapis de Coeurs by Mathshackart,com

I am meditating to this marvellous tapestry of love.  Each heart is unique, whole and completely beautiful in its own expression, but the intertwining of the hearts makes them exquisite. This is the way of love and our soul purpose in life.

Be the love today in your life and I will feel it too, for all hearts are one as Love loves through us ❤

Rise higher and shine brighter beautiful lovers

So much love

Martha ❤