Crossing the Threshold into the New World

Lauri Ann Lumby has wonderful insights and understanding of the ascension we have been undergoing and the Love that is growing ❤

Authentic Freedom Academy

We have arrived.  It has been a long and arduous journey and many of the remnants of the past 12-13 years are still being shed….but we have arrived.  We have stepped across the threshold from the 3D (fear-based, dualistic) world into the world we came here to create – a world rooted in love in support of peace, harmony, cooperation, collaboration, compassion and joy – the world some would call 5D which I think in fact is quickly moving us into 6D.  Whatever you call it…..WE HAVE ARRIVED!


As we leave the 3D world behind, mist is covering the doorway and making the past into a distant memory – a memory freed of its charge.  We are no longer triggered by our past wounds, old hurts or betrayals, former disappointments or heartbreaks.  We are clean and clear of the fears that have clouded our existence so that we are now…

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