Be the Light


It is New Year’s Eve and thoughts are turning to revelry and then the concomitant resolutions as we nurse sore heads. This year I am truly taking the time to be present in the moment as I affirm a new and improved me. I affirm that this new me is now, and I love the changes that make me rise higher and shine brighter in this world.

Whichever new you you choose to be, may you shine bright and be a light in this world.

All my love to you


Learning to be

Emotions sometimes hard to take

One minute down and going to break

Then take some time to draw a breath

Ponder choices what comes next

It all comes to attitude

Rise to the challenge beatitude

Looking inside for the hidden gold

The truth the light the story untold

Taking stock and knowing me

A change in perspective

Learning to be


Rise higher shine brighter

All my love ❤


Courage and Faith


Connect with your heart and intuition today. It is never too late to listen to your soul advice. It will steer you to your correct path every time. It simply remains for you to find your courage and faith to strike out and embrace your calling.

Wishing you all the courage and faith in the universe!

All my love to you beautiful souls ❤



Larimar Cabachons Mandala

Clarity for me begins with the mind’s eye. Creative visualisation and focus on a mental picture of the finished product or outcome, is the key to the realisation of dreams. It is not the act of lusting after an outcome…that is usually motivated by lower egocentric vibrations. But rather it is the joyful celebration and seeing of the future outcome and is rooted in gratitude and thankfulness.

Be your dreams on this beautiful blue planet wonderful people.

All my love to you ❤


I am happy


‘I am happy today,; united with the friend.’ Rumi

Home truly is where the heart is. I am so lucky to be reunited today with some of the most wonderful people on the planet.

May your day be filled with your soul mates and all the love and kindness in the universe ❤

Rise higher shine brighter

All of my love to you