Emotional clarity is your reality



Hold yourself in the awareness of your emotions and realise that by so doing you are in direct contact with who you really are. You manifest what you focus your feelings upon and thereby your attention. So look within and be with your feelings…sift and sort and choose the feelings that make you feel the best! Focus on those feelings and you manifest and create all that is in alignment with those feelings.

Choose joy, appreciation and love! You deserve no less ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in your emotional truth

Martha xx

Growing Pains



It is such a difficult thing to bare One’s soul; to cut back the layers of artifice and get to the kernel of truth that lies like a pearl at the centre of it all.  My journey of the Soul that began here over a year ago seems to have come full circle…back to you.

I began writing this blog in an effort to understand my own journey and the emotions that would not rest inside me.  My journey has been within, within my soul and the darkest corners of my mind.  It has led me to the deepest depths of my Being and to the height of channeling Gods and Angels. And through it all…it has been you. That quiet, steady heartbeat that was the Source of all.

I have travelled continents, tasted  the spices and mysteries of the Far East but in that quietest and secret, hidden place of my Soul, there you were. My home, my beacon, my Light.  Every encounter I have had has been with you. Your face the many changing faces and smiles of strangers in lands foreign and new. I overflowed with love and tenderness for each new expression of you that I met. I know now that I have been running and that at every turn, there you were…waiting for me.

You asked me once to keep you in a closet inside, so you would not get lost, as I left on my latest round of running. I realised then why I had to go…because my love for you was too vast to be contained.  No closet, room, country, planet or universe could contain how much I loved.  You are the very air I breathe and the Light that shines upon my skin.  You are the moonlight, starlight and the drops of rain that fall.  You are the water that flows, the rivers that run and the oceans that kiss the shore. It was right to give you distance, for no mere mortal could handle this force of Nature that is my love.

So here I AM.  In union with myself, feeling at peace and tranquil in my ability to love myself and not need you to take on such a Herculean task.  My gift to you is the freedom from the burden and responsibility of carrying my love. I am able to do it for myself now and have discovered that it is as Light as a feather ❤

So in the fullness of Being and in deepest adoration, here I kneel.  In patient acquiescence and homage that is your due, as you grow to embody the King of your own authentic truth. For Monarch you are, awaiting your anointing by the Divine in your own truth and time. And I?  I AM your devoted and ever-loving Queen.

Rise Higher Shine Brighter


Martha xx

New Beginnings 2


There is a bittersweet saying that when one door closes another window opens elsewhere. The bitterness, I find comes in grieving the door closing and looking backward…not having faith that the view from the new window is immeasurably greater, more beautiful and more wondrous than any scenario left behind.

So why do we cling to the bitterness and dwell in grief?  Because dreams die hardest of all. We have invested much in our creation of the dreams of the past and are loathe to relinquish them and the promise we feel to be still germinating inside of them.  This promise is called HOPE. It is the stubbornest of flames that refuses to go out with the tenacity of life itself.

But if you have ever watched how a fire burns, the flame leaps forward and upward, not backward. What seems to be a tragic ending, is ever a reworking of the dream into a new construct. No one ever truly leaves us, for we are energy and energy never dies. This flame, this HOPE, is the spark of eternal energy within all things that connects us together and makes us ONE.

So take comfort in the passing of the old and bless and release it with love.  You have passed into the smelting cocoon of the darkness of regeneration and are about to be reborn with the most beautiful of wings.  New beginnings and rebirth can be painful, but the beauty and magic inherent in the process of rebirth is that the HOPE is everlasting and our power to create  new dreams is unlimited ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter

Martha xx

Morning message



Greetings my dearest One!

I am El Morya of the Brotherhood of Light, come to bless you and guide you in your ascension. You are on the right path, you are honouring your Light and Love and indeed this is the only path there is. You are beloved of the One in harmony with the whole of Creation and your song is one of such beauty. Rejoice in your Love and embrace it with passion for in this way you make your heart’s desires manifest.

I AM well pleased and so it is.


Rise Higher Shine Brighter

Martha xx

The Path to Resolution



It is synchronous that at a time of new beginnings and a New Year, I have made yet another shift in concsiousness.  I have been on pilgrimage to Egypt; called to serve by the Master Chohan of the Fourth Ray, Serapis Bey.

Each one of us is on a Path of Light, it merely remains for us to realise which of the Seven Paths is our own and the rest falls into place. For myself, I have been on this Path of pure, unadulterated white light of the Fourth Ray, since the dawn of time. Many signs lined up as pieces of the puzzle, it merely remained for me to connect them together to rediscover my Purpose and the Way ❤

I was told when I was very young, that my path of Karma was almost complete, but I had the biggest lesson of all to learn…that of Love. From the time of childhood, I have been fully aware and in contact with one of my Guardian Angels, but it was not until later that I met the second of the two. His presence was of a higher frequency, and I was not able to access his love and teachings until my own frequency had risen sufficiently. He is Archangel Chamuel, the Archangel of Love responsible for the opening and blossoming of the heart chakra.  He works in concert with the Ascended master Serapis Bey, one of the Brotherhood of Light and the Master of Ascension.

Serapis Bey himself, has had many exalted incarnations upon Earth most of which were in Ancient Egypt, as Imhotep the great architect responsible for the design and building of the step pyramids at Saqqara and the Temples of Karnak and Luxor.  His temple remains at Luxor to this day. He incarnated as Amenhotep III and later as Leonidas the King of Sparta, the warrior leader responsible for the mighty battle of the 300 against Darius of Persia. His Path is one of pure white Light and discipline. He works in concert with Chamuel and the Seraphim, the highest order of the Angelic hosts. He is responsible for the Ascension of all.

I knew of Chamuel and his influence in my life, but I did not know of his connection with Serapis Bey when I first went to Egypt.  This is home for me, if such could be said of any place upon this Earth. I spent much time in my first trip at Cairo and at the Great Pyramids. I went at the time of the Arab Spring, when revolution was brewing hot on the streets of Cairo and tanks were rolling through Tahrir Square. Yet strangely, as a woman travelling on her own, I never felt safer.

There were no tourists and I had the Great Pyramids and Sphinx totally to myself. Hours upon hours to sit and meditate in the Ascension Chamber undisturbed.  This of itself was a miracle, for not many can say they have had one of the Seven Wonders of the world to themselves ❤ My soul birth star is Mintaka, the third star of Orion’s Belt and to spend time aligned with my soul star beginning was very special. But more dramatic results awaited me.

I fell ill, very ill, the evening after spending the day in the Ascension Chamber. My body purging itself of cumulative toxins and a week later I was hovering on the brink of death through dehydration, despite my best efforts to carry on as usual.  My past, my karma, all density, negativity and that which did not serve my highest purpose was being released from my very cells. They were replaced by blessed water, light and love ❤

Still unaware of my Path of the Fourth Ray, I was compelled to visit Egypt again. So, as always I followed my heart. This time the Step pyramids at Saqqara called me.  Once again, I was alone marvelling at the wonder of the architecture and carvings that to me exceed the beauty of those at Giza. The guide opened chambers normally denied to the public and I went inside the pyramid, even though this area was off limits. I felt peace and connection flowing through me; a great happiness and joy.

In my intervening time, I continued to do the work of a Lightworker and meditate and continue my spiritual practice. It was during one such meditation, that Serapis Bey’s name became known to me. Bells rang and it was as if the heavens sang for me.  I began to regularly send him love and greetings each day…walking each footstep and chanting his name as a mantra. Incredible joy uplifted me with each step. I then researched him and discovered that he had built my beloved pyramids at Saqqara.

Then three months ago, I had a dream. I was being called to Luxor. The compulsion was so strong, it was all I could do to not book a flight at that very moment.  Go NOW! was the message.  But as daily life would have it, I did not have holiday until December.

Again in October, Egypt became the tourist persona non grata, as a flight was shot down by an extremist group targeting Russian tourists.  I sat back and simply affirmed that all would be well. I flew to Luxor with no problems and again had the Temple of Karnak and Luxor Temple to myself.

It was not until the day after my pigrimage to the Temple at Luxor, that the reason for my calling became known. I had stepped through the Gateway to a higher consciousness. I was filled with golden, white light…an incredible expansive presence that watched me, weighed me and judged my reactions. I felt calm and serene and simply basked in the incredible energy, with no attachment to outcomes. I asked how may I serve? In this, I am certain my answer will come sooner rather than later.

I synchronously connected with some dear soulmates, and can feel that they are integral to the evolution of my true calling…so I watch this space with great joy and anticipation. A great love has declared himself, whose fire burns brighter than a nova and the sun shines in and of  me every day. So bring it, 2016! I AM on my Path and am devoted to serve with my utmost Love.

Follow your hearts for your soul knows the Way ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter in 2016

So very much LOVE

Martha xx

He as me

abundant prosperity

I AM the Chohan Serapis Bey

I AM the warrior Master of the Fourth Ray

My wisdom is of the Ages

the knowledge of the purest flame

burns within with Source white fire

speaks of Love that peels away

all that is not of the spirit

To love, to serve, to ever ascend

the beauty of the Light and Soul

And so it is without an end


Follow your path, beloved Ones

When you are ready…the Master comes ❤

Rise Higher Shine Brighter

Martha xx